The Last Lecture

My wonderful Mother linked me to this awesome talk sometimes called “The Last Lecture”. It is a very charming and  motivational speech by Randy Pausch about achieving childhood dreams.

For me the highlight was when he says, “When you’re screwing up and no one is saying anything anymore, it means they gave up.” It is so true. Sometimes criticism can be hard to accept but it’s important to remember people wouldn’t think about you or talk about you if they didn’t care for you. Without further ado…

lazy eye

A Musical Poem For Sheamus:

lazy eye: you wander like my mind

i wish i could train you to gaze upon the sky

lazy eye: they say that you’ll be fixed in time

but were you ever really broken to start with?

sometimes you blur the edges of my sight

sometimes you make them look at me suprised

Perhaps i’ll wear a pirate patch so you can be corrcted

i’ll say aye captain everyday so that you can be mended

but even so it’s possible i’ll miss you when you leave

because it’s true to say, you are a part of me.

The first of many

I was taking the bus yesterday and we passed the most wonderful sunset. It made my day and inspired the colour pallet for this creation. May it be a gentle reminder.

Also, if you wish to know how to smile so that even the blind can feel it, Yoko Ono has a great guide here.

Enjoy : )

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