7 Notes About Life

Not too long ago I discovered Amy Krouse Rosenthal and wrote about her inspirational projects. She did a really nice TEDx Talk…

7 Notes About Life

Her first point was titled “Always Trust Magic”. She talked about the way things come together serendipitously in life. As a self identified “film kid” I tend to imagine certain things in my life as scenes in movies, or compare my life to that of a character in a film. For the past several months i’ve felt as if my life has been part of a Guy Ritchie movie (If you haven’t seen RocknRolla or Snatch you are missing out). Ironic twists and unexpected events that all relate to each other… I couldn’t even begin to give an example of this because it would be very complicated to explain but it all comes down to living in a VERY small world. This comparison isn’t necessarily negative (Guy Ritchie movies are hilarious) but perhaps I could be making a different comparison…

Specifically, the old John Cusac movie “Serendipity”… it’s a major chick flick but also one of my favorite films. Maybe instead of viewing my life as a great work of irony I should be looking at it as serendipity. I’m realizing how lucky I am. I am grateful for the way things come together. I’m going to start looking at the irony as magic and perhaps a series of fortunate accidents. We’ll see how this goes : )

An Evening of Rhythm and Breath

Are you awake?

Last night I attended this really awesome fundraiser! It was called “A Night of Rhythm and Breath” and we participated in an African dance workshop followed by some transformational breathing. The event was raising money for Alzheimer’s research and our friend Allan O’Meara, who I met through the Vancouver Hug Squad. Allan is leaving in September to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for the cause (SIDENOTE: this reminded me a little bit of Greg Mortenson’s story which you can read about in his book “Three Cups of Tea“, I don’t really enjoy mountain climbing stories so I thought the first half was very boring but if you like that sort of thing i’m sure you’ll enjoy it).

Jacky Essombe is from Cameroon and she led a very fun dance segment. They had a bunch of people there doing African drumming and we got to dance to their rhythms. It was really cool to watch them drumming, the way they all stayed in sync (it must be through magic I have concluded). The one dude briefly mentioned “community drumming circles” which I hope to find out more about in the future. I always find it interesting when I dance that the moves most people have trouble with come easily for me while other things that people take to easily are a challenge. It was really nice to just be free to move and enjoy the music and the space. Check out Jacky’s website: http://www.jackyessombe.com/

The second part of the night was a transformational breathing session led by Dale Joyal. Before we started they kind of warned us about how intense it can be. I half expected to work through all these deep emotional issues and come out a different person. I think this experience really showed me how little I have to worry about and how blessed I have been in life. I don’t really know why I expected to work through deep emotional issues because to tell the truth I don’t think I have any right now. I have accepted things that have happened to me in the past and most of them have since become non-issues anyway. I think it’s one of those things where at the time something feels like the end of the world. To quote 17 Again, “When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not; it’s just the beginning.” (SIDENOTE: This movie is HILARIOUS, i’ve seen it 5 times but my goal is to get to 17 so if you ever wanna watch it just lemme know). I can’t describe the actual process of transformational breathing too much because I think you need to experience it to really understand. I felt very relaxed after… and cold… but i’m always cold haha. I fully encourage and support alternative health remedies like this. Dale described it to us as “oxygen therapy” at one point. I think it would be especially beneficial for singers, as breath support and breathing are they keys to an amazing voice.


Today I got my hair cut and then my friend Alana dyed it for me with her awesome artistic skills. I’m not entirely sure, but it’s possible I have a mohawk. The sides are a tad shorter than I wanted but they’ll grow in. I find the cut a little butch but whatev’s. The colour is sweet! My turquoise dye has been finished off so when this fades out I can go in a new direction.

“I hate it. Your hair looks like a skunk. It looks like a skunk that someone dyed for Halloween.” – Mom

“You’re hair is nice. It really suits you!” – Transit Random

The artist and the art : )

Poetry in Transit

Saw this on the skytrain tonight. I concur.

from What It Feels Like for a Girl

When you are thirteen

the world is a small room.

A bedroom.

A locker at school.

A box.

Gym socks, combination locks.

Four walls and a roof.

For every difficult problem: a proof.

– Jennica Harper

So cheesy, but even a vegan approves : P


Words and music by Libby Roderick

How could anyone ever tell you

You were anything less than beautiful?

How could anyone ever tell you

You were less than whole?

How could anyone fail to notice

That your loving is a miracle?

How deeply you’re connected to my soul?

This is so cheesy, but when I heard it it was beautiful and sincere. Love it, and you!

Adventure: Art Gallery


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Today I visited the Vancouver Art Gallery for the first time. Well alright, this was the third time i’ve been there in the past seven days… but after a year of going there for various rally’s, meet-ups and congregations this was my first time entering the gallery, funny how that works : P

I went with my friend Tanisha to see the exhibit “Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man”. To be honest I was expecting much more. They had just taken a bunch of pages from his notebook a framed them. I think if DaVinci (a very paranoid and private person to my understanding) could see it he would have a heart attack. I’m glad i went though. We only got to see one other exhibit because all the upper floors were in transition. Afterwards we went to Urban Outfitters to see the book/weird stuff section. There are always so many entertaining things there!

When I got home I really wanted to make goma-ae (Japanese spinach salad with sesame sauce) but I didn’t have the ingredients so I walked to the grocery store. When I got to the checkout I realized I had left my wallet at home. Yay! Luckily my Mom was able to come bale me out. I love Mothers : ) Tell yours that. Now!

I used this recipe from Bento Filler and made a few adaptions.

1/2 pound of raw spinach, cooked.
1 Tbs. white sesame seeds
1/2 Tbs. mirin 1/2 Tbs. Pear Juice
1/2 Tbs. sugar 1/2 Tbs. Coconut Sugar
1 tsp. soy sauce

Bring a pot of water to the boil. Put the spinach leaves in the pot all at once. If you have baby leaves (they are round and small and not crinkled), boil them for 30 seconds and not any longer. If you have fully grown leaves, boil them for about a minute. Immediately drain the pot. Run cold water over the leaves to cool them off fast. Drain. Take the spinach leaves in your hands and squeeze out the water as much as you can.

If you don’t have pre-toasted sesame seeds (irigoma), toast the seeds briefly in a small dry frying pan. Crush in a small mortar and pestle or suribachi. Add the sugar and crush some more. Add the mirin and soy sauce and mix. Mix with the spinach. YUM.

The Venus Project

I first learned about Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project through the popular and controversial internet movie Zeitgeist (i’ve included it at the bottom of this post).I highly advise that everyone see this movie, it will blow your mind. I am not saying that I agree 100% with everything in it but it definitely gets you thinking, which is really important (I think). I recently learned that the venus project is going on a world lecture tour. I am quite excited because it is coming to Vancouver. I am very excited to hear from some great thinkers and meet some like-minded people. You should come : )

Here’s the link to get tickets.

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Job Search

It’s that time of year again! While everyone is busy looking for a summer job I am trying to decide if I should accept an offer I have received. It would mean dropping the fun course I am currently enrolled in and working from 8AM to 4PM every week day. I would have much of a break but I would get all the money I need for my Invisible Children food stipend. I trust that everything will work out but in the mean time I helped a friend update her resumé (more like was inspired and went with it…) and i’ve created this snazzy template. Feel free to use it and improve it, I’d love to hear about it if you do : )

Resume Template