If you could wake up anywhere, where would you wake up?

Jason Mraz did a blog post about this not too long ago. He shared this video where they asked people the question and it inspired me to ask some people I knew. Via only textual communication I got the following responses:

  • A semi tropical island with no name
  • in my girls bed :D
  • Lol i answered this question before! Joe Jonas’ Bed! XD
  • Greece
  • My bed. if it was anywhere else id be confused!
  • Paris
  • Europe
  • On the back of a blue whale preparing for its launch into the sky
  • Jason mraz’s bed.
  • Narnia
  • the ISS (International Space Station)

I suppose that says a lot about me as well… the responses of the people I communicate with.

Any-who, this gave me a cool idea for a short film. I’m not sure that i’ll ever be able to make it a reality but it would be sooooo funny. I could call it “be careful what you wish for” or something similar. Basically what happens is people wake up in the places they requested, but not in the way they intended. For example: a girl wakes up in Jason Mraz’s bed, but he is like WTF why is there a strange girl here. Or someone wakes up in Greece, but in a dumpster in some shady alleyway… imagine the possibilities : D

And where would I wake up? In the arms of someone special, can’t go wrong there : )

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