7 Notes About Life

Not too long ago I discovered Amy Krouse Rosenthal and wrote about her inspirational projects. She did a really nice TEDx Talk…

7 Notes About Life

Her first point was titled “Always Trust Magic”. She talked about the way things come together serendipitously in life. As a self identified “film kid” I tend to imagine certain things in my life as scenes in movies, or compare my life to that of a character in a film. For the past several months i’ve felt as if my life has been part of a Guy Ritchie movie (If you haven’t seen RocknRolla or Snatch you are missing out). Ironic twists and unexpected events that all relate to each other… I couldn’t even begin to give an example of this because it would be very complicated to explain but it all comes down to living in a VERY small world. This comparison isn’t necessarily negative (Guy Ritchie movies are hilarious) but perhaps I could be making a different comparison…

Specifically, the old John Cusac movie “Serendipity”… it’s a major chick flick but also one of my favorite films. Maybe instead of viewing my life as a great work of irony I should be looking at it as serendipity. I’m realizing how lucky I am. I am grateful for the way things come together. I’m going to start looking at the irony as magic and perhaps a series of fortunate accidents. We’ll see how this goes : )

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