Flobots – Handlebars

Cool animation, awesome message too. It kinda starts out talking about how we can do anything and then goes into bragging (I can show you how to scratch a record) and then finally to how humans are capable of terrible things (I can lead a nation with a microphone). I think we can do anything but it is also up to us to do the right thing. This world is what we make it and we can make it anything we want. We are all so talented and can teach others so much but learning from others instead of teaching is really the most important thing I think. Instead of telling people what you can teach them you should ask people what they can teach you.

Official Seattle Glee Flash Mob Video – Seattle, Westlake

Flashmobs + Glee + Dancing + Singing = EPIC

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (HD)

This song is super catchy. I just found out LCD Soundsystem is playing Malkin Bowl at the end of the month as well. Tempting…

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