Thank You: No Impact Man

I just finished watching the movie No Impact Man with my Mom. Basically he and his NYC family attempted to live without making any net environmental impact for a year (negative impact + positive impact = no net impact). He also wrote a book about it which I have just started reading. I wrote an e-mail to the man himself, Colin Beavan who completed the project. I was really moved and motivated by it and I felt I had to communicate that. At one point the angry part of me wanted to kick the collective ass of the haters mentioned. Some people get stuck nitpicking and don’t realize that someone trying their best and making a change is better than making no change at all. It’s a complicated societal issue. I guess “Haters gon hate.”, they serve the purpose of educating us about our shortcomings and the faults in our plans. ANYWAY, here’s the e-mail I sent Colin.

Dear Colin Beavan,

I recently discovered your project and am currently reading your book. I just finished watching the No Impact Man film and I had to write to you. Your story moved me to tears and I just wanted to thank you. I am so incredibly happy that there are other crazy people out there. At times it can be really difficult to live a unique lifestyle and to make a social statement (I am an 18 year old vegan) but projects like yours make me realize the importance of individual change. Sometimes it’s hard to know that what you are doing is making a difference so I just wanted you to know that you made a difference to me. I’m going to implement further ways of reducing my environmental impact that were mentioned in your film. Also, the movie allowed me to open a dialogue with my Mom (who I live with) and has made her more receptive to suggestions about changing our consumptive lifestyle. You amaze and inspire me.

Thank you,

Jenni Rempel

PS: Thank you to my friend Chris for blogging about this and introducing me!

2 thoughts on “Thank You: No Impact Man

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