The Jolification Protest

“Honk if you’re happy!”

Sunday was another Vancouver Improv Anywhere flashmob! They hosted vancity’s first Jollification Protest.

The Jolification Protest

My sign said “BE THE CHANGE (LIKE THIS SIGN)” on one side. The other side said “Please & Thank You” with a smiley face saying “Raa!” and a picture of a sun. My mom told me it looked juvenile. I told her we aren’t all artistic haha (I FAIL at arts and crafts).

At times it was a little bit uncomfortable for me. On a few occasions we got to chanting negative things about protests “Ban protesting”. I went to the event because a) flashmobs are amazing and b) it was kind of a joke about protests. I think protests, sit-ins and other activist campaigns can be good. They raise awareness and help to educate people. Also, as a participant it’s good to know that you aren’t alone (in your beliefs). A few times I had to remind myself we were being silly, and poking fun. I mean protestors chanting “Ban protesting”, you must admit, there’s a little irony there : P

We did meet some opposition…

"Everyone else holding a sign in an idiot!"

via flickr user eych-yoo-bee-ee-ahr-tee

However for the most part it was good fun. We marched, chanted, played duck-duck-goose, sang, and danced…

These dudes are wicked!

I met some friends of friends, and got to use the megaphone! Awesome! I think my favorite chants were “When I say flash you say mob”, “Eat crayons, poop rainbows” and “I have a sign”. It was cool when people would smile back at us. We even made one girl’s day (she told us so haha)! Also, this was a good opportunity to practice being a “Yes!”, sometimes someone would yell something strange but everyone would just go with it anyway. Sometimes I said strange things but everyone just went with it. It helped me to accept ideas that were different from my own and be open to new things.

11 thoughts on “The Jolification Protest

    • There’s the “Dance for Five” thing coming up and they said in June/July there will be a flashmob involving lotsa people blowing bubbles : )

  1. Hey Jenni,
    Sounds like a load of fun! Sadly I couldn’t sneak out to this one with my buddy-in-crime, we had no excuse and my mom was home from work X-X

    Hope to see you at five for 5 :) I’ll be there, there’s no way I’m missing that one :D

    PS-Lovely skytrain ride home from freese, might I add :) Felt good to just talk after everyone else I knew had left :P

    • I remember you!
      If your parents are concerned about you being safe etc. you could come with me in the future. We could skytrain, I think Sheamus wants to come out again so we could have a commuter group or something. Tell her your responsible university student friend is going : P

      You’ll have to let me know how five for 5 goes! I’m out of town but it sounds like a blast.

      • But there’s another thing:
        How on earth do I tell my parents “Oh I met this girl from university and we’re going to Vancouver together”
        She’d ask how I met you, and as far as she’s concerned, I was never at Burrard station or at freese, I was simly at the mall for a fun day of shopping with partner-in-crime :P

        But if I can manage to sneak it off and join you on the journey, that would be fun :) I kept telling my pal (who had to leave before her mom suspected anything) about you guys and she totally couldn’t believe it :P (AKA a big group of theatre kids form all over, interested in musicals, etc? WOW!!!)

        You’ve gotta be kidding me! Where are you going?

      • Right. Smart girl. You could tell her we met on the internet, that sounds much better HAHA x D

        Yeah it was so coincidental that we were all there together but I think there is a connection between people who go to flash-mobs and people who are theatre geeks : P

        I’m going on a roadtrip with my Dad to Grand Forks. It should be an adventure haha.

      • Oh the irony!

        I went to Drumheller a few years ago with mt grandparents and my brother accidentally drove us through grand forks instead of the other way we wanted to take, LoL!!!

        And this summer I’m most likely going Cross-Canada with my Dad for a month…as long as finances don’t fail him :P
        But it simply means my daughter-father birthday gift will have to be put on hold another year. He promised to take me kayaking at Deep Cove :)

      • ooh! That would be fun. I have a friend who goes wakeboarding in deep cove during the summer and she loves it! Very cute area. I hope it works out for you!
        And if you end up traveling you should definitely blog about it : D

      • I have yet to even see Deep Cove *cries*

        And that is precisely why I have started blogging now, to get used to it. Cause my dad wants me to blog on the trip every day or so about it so everyone at home can follow, etc. So I’m getting used to it now, as in hopefully things for the summer will work out. :)
        If not, Sasquatchewan…here I come :P

      • OMG “Sasquatchewan” LMAO!!!
        I’m adding that to my list of funny province names. It’s right up there with “Onterrible” x D

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