On Friday I finally got a laptop for school! I waited all year for Apple to catch up with the quad-core technology and then when they started their student promotion (free iPod Touch) I knew the time had finally come. As much as I hate consumerism (and I must admit, I wasn’t completely happy with the idea of getting a new product) I really love Apple and what they have done for technology. As i’m getting older my fangirl rose-coloured glasses have come off but Macs are still my machine of choice.

I went to the Apple store in Pacific Centre to ask some questions and get some information. I didn’t intend to make a purchase there but then I realized that ordering online would just mean more waiting and extra, unnecessary shipping fuel/packaging. The fact that it was iPad release day had also slipped my mind. My conversation with the “bouncer” went something like “Dude, I don’t want an iPad, I just want to buy a computer…” haha. We had to wait in line (only for a few minutes) and then this chick with cool hair helped me.

My friend and I did a special unboxing : D

15″ Macbook Pro (Which I have named “Finn Hudson”)

  • 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 processor
  • Precision aluminum unibody enclosure
  • 4GB RAM (may upgrade this to 8GB)
  • 5.4-inch (diagonal) matte widescreen display
  • iWork
  • Apple Care Protection Plan

32GB iPod Touch (which I have named “Rachel Berry”)

(My last gen of electronics was named after Wicked characters so I figured I should continue the musical tradition hehe)

7 thoughts on “LAPTOP!!! : D

  1. LOL!

    Funny I wouldda thought you would had had a laptop already…

    I got a netbook for school 2 christmases ago from “santa”. :P Although mines been in the shop 3 times and has to go in again without warenty (they did nothing although they said they did) I consider that I have one cause technically I do, and for the time being I’m using my dads.

    And WOO!Fellow Gleek on the horison at 12 o clock! :D

    theres this Vegan cooking app for the Ipod Touch.
    Vegan Yum Yum.
    and a vegan cooking podcast, Vegan a go go.


    • Danke! I am awesome!
      HAHA! That app was actually the first one I downloaded, I just saw it by fluke : P
      I’m looking at the podcast now : D

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