The Grand BC Adventure Part I

As some of you may know I spent the weekend on a road-trip with my Dad visiting his friends in the Kootenay’s and staying in the house he rents out in Grand Forks.

After Convocation finished I participated in the retreat for my Student Union (of which I am the Communications Officer… and ended up leaving Burnaby campus right before midnight. I went to bed around 2AM and got no packing done. In the morning my Dad called me so I rushed out of bed and started throwing stuff together. Luckily I had made most of my food (risotto with nooch for the trip up and strawberry cinnamon muffins with local strawberries for breakfast) already and only had to throw clothes together. I took the bus to the depot where I transfer to take the bus to my Dad’s. I had to wait a while for the bus to come and I noticed the Whalley Community Festival was in full swing so i went to check it out.

The city of Surrey had a survey booth set up talking about the future of waste collection in our city. There were three different options that they talked about (regarding bins and composting) and they also offered choices stemming around collection time (weekly or bi-weekley). 60% of garbage in Surrey is food waste. Personally, at my house we have a compost bin in the backyard which gets a lot of love from me but many of our neighbors do not collect their food waste. I think it’s awesome that the city wants to be more involved and is updating its system to adapt to the needs of modern society.

I think this initiative (though I am not completely sold on it yet) has awesome motivation behind it and will encourage more citizens to participate in composting. Way to go Surrey! I feel that the lower mainland is leading the way on this type of project, but maybe someone has outdone us…. [after some searching it appears Toronto has a Green Bin Program. I would love to learn more about how different cities deal with these issues].

One thought on “The Grand BC Adventure Part I

  1. LOL I came back with my partner in crime from Five for Five(Which we were not at……neither were we in Vancouver….)
    To the Festival thing. We both looked at each toehr, said WTH, looked at booths closing, and listened to a concert that wasn’t too good. We left maybe after 3 mintes to go to safeway to pick up a gift card for father’s day :P

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