Wish I was there…


Next weekend (June 12th & 13th) has SO MUCH cool stuff going on. Sadly I can’t make most of it because I am doing a first-aid training certification course. Maybe you can go to some of these excellent events though!


2:00PM – Chapters Robson: The Book of Awesome Vancouver Party

2:00PM – Clark Park: TAG

6:30PM – West Vancouver: Vancouver Storytelling Circle Meeting


2:00PM – 788 Hamilton St. @ Robson: FRESH: THE CLOTHING SWAP

Review: No Impact Man + Promises

This is from a while ago. I am just finishing it now… Enjoy!

No Impact Man Book CoverI had a somewhat sleepless night last night. I think I was up past 4:30AM, however because of my restlessness I was able to finish reading Colin Beavan’s book “No Impact Man”. Coincidentally (or magically? : P) he responded to the e-mail I wrote him yesterday as well with a simple “Thanks Jenni!”. I found the book to be much better than the movie but they compliment each-other well. The book explains some of the things that were unclear in the film. I’d like to share a short selection from my favorite passage:

“…the question isn’t wether or not I make a difference. The question is wether I want to be the type of person who tries. We can all make a difference. We all have the responsibility to make a difference.”

This mentality kinda relates back to a thought i’ve been having lately. I think, in general, in is better to break promises than not make them at all. Of course, if you can keep your promises that is even better but by making a promise you show that you care. Let’s look at a few examples. When I was little my Dad promised to take me to Disneyland. I am 18 now and have never been to Disneyland with my Dad. It’s too bad that we haven’t been able to make this trip together but by him making the promise it showed me that we wanted to take me and that the desire/thought was there. For another example, I was talking with this boy a while back (ooo scandalous aren’t I hehe). I remember him saying to me “I’m not making any promises but…” and I remember thinking that I don’t really want to spend a great deal of time with anyone who doesn’t care enough to make me a promise. Someone who doesn’t care enough to try, or doesn’t have the desire to, isn’t the best choice of friend. But enough about promises, back to No Impact Man.

The book was really well written, which is probably why I finished it so quickly. It was very funny and entertaining while still communicating the information. My only criticism would be it was a little vague at times. For example, he never really talks about what they used instead of toilet paper. While I understand his need for privacy, specific information about parts of the project would have been helpful to me, as I would like to implement portions of it in my own life.

They’ve started a site where people can take part in a “No Impact Week” Challenge. I don’t know that i’ll be able to take part in this until my show is done but this summer I PROMISE I am going to have a no impact week. And i’ll be sure to blog about it : )

Back on the Bike!

Today I got back on the bike! After falling and bruising myself i’m up again! I realized I wasn’t going to make my bus and I needed to get to school for my course so the bicycle was my only option. [SIDENOTE: Speaking of which, I think the bicycle needs a name. Suggestions?] I rode very cautiously and avoided the hill that led to my demise last time. I had some trouble finding the right are of the secure bike lockup that SFU Surrey offers. When I finally did get in there I realized I had no idea how to chain my bike up properly so I hastily tried to copy the bike next to mine. After class I had rehearsal and by the time I was back in Surrey it was 9:30PM and dark out. Since I had a black jacket on and have yet to find headlights I rode mostly on the sidewalks. It was very wet out. I really like the noise it makes when it rains though, and I found it to be quite cleansing for me.

I’m looking forward to my future as a bicycle commuter. I can’t wait to be one of those skinny active people who have the freedom to travel wherever, whenever. I mean workouts, spandex, getting to ring a bell… What’s not to love? Perhaps i’ll be able to give it a good rep and a new image less dorky image… who am I kidding haha x D

Also, while I was out I saw several other cyclists and had an amazing discovery. This is an awesome way to meet people! All of the bicycle commuters I know are vegetarian and they all care about the environment. This could be a great way to make friends and meet like-minded individuals. Futurehusband anyone? hehe.

See you on the road peeps.

About a Dog

Yesterday I was coming home and it wasn’t dark out yet so I decided to walk. I enjoy having these occasional introspective walks home, thinking about things and putting it all in perspective. I saw this little dog sitting in a window sill. I passed several other dogs and they all barked at me but this one was just sitting silently, watching. I wrote this poem about him.

I sit here quietly in the window sill

watching the world go by.

just quietly watching this busy road

and the people passing by.

I used to run along that street

but now i’m tired and have sore feet…

I sit here quietly in my window sill

thinking of you


The Problem I have with Religion

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ: The Name Above Every Name

In case you can’t see it says, “The Kingdom of Jesus Christ: The Name Above Every Name”. I have a few problems with this. First off, I don’t think any name should be above every name. We should all be entitled to equality and no one should be treated at a higher standard than everyone else. This attitude also implies a sense of service. I think that we should all serve eachother not some “higher being”.

The World is my country,

all mankind are my brethren,

and to do good is my religion.

– Thomas Paine

When we all unite together under the flag of humanity, that’s when we will achieve peace. There is so much wisdom in the song “imagine”… pretty much sums up my world view. If believing in God helps you to be a better person and bring kindness into the world that is great, but anything that divides people has a downside.

Perhaps I am just quick to abandon my ties in favor of unity because I don’t have many ties. I was not brought up religiously and don’t have a cultural community that I interact with. I don’t feel much pride as a Canadian but instead feel as if I am a citizen of the planet. Maybe I would feel differently if my situation was different.


On Friday I finally got a laptop for school! I waited all year for Apple to catch up with the quad-core technology and then when they started their student promotion (free iPod Touch) I knew the time had finally come. As much as I hate consumerism (and I must admit, I wasn’t completely happy with the idea of getting a new product) I really love Apple and what they have done for technology. As i’m getting older my fangirl rose-coloured glasses have come off but Macs are still my machine of choice.

I went to the Apple store in Pacific Centre to ask some questions and get some information. I didn’t intend to make a purchase there but then I realized that ordering online would just mean more waiting and extra, unnecessary shipping fuel/packaging. The fact that it was iPad release day had also slipped my mind. My conversation with the “bouncer” went something like “Dude, I don’t want an iPad, I just want to buy a computer…” haha. We had to wait in line (only for a few minutes) and then this chick with cool hair helped me.

My friend and I did a special unboxing : D

15″ Macbook Pro (Which I have named “Finn Hudson”)

  • 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 processor
  • Precision aluminum unibody enclosure
  • 4GB RAM (may upgrade this to 8GB)
  • 5.4-inch (diagonal) matte widescreen display
  • iWork
  • Apple Care Protection Plan

32GB iPod Touch (which I have named “Rachel Berry”)

(My last gen of electronics was named after Wicked characters so I figured I should continue the musical tradition hehe)