boycotting write offs.


Recently I was thinking a bit about “write off’s” and something in the video above reminded me I have been meaning to write about it (pun is appreciated but unintentional). When we have a bad experience we tend to write it off and attempt to avoid it and ignore it in the future. We do this with people and places, organizations and things.

For example, say I have a bad experience on a street. Then I do everything I can to avoid this street. I may save myself from the discomfort of having to think about my bad experience and I walk in places where I am not afraid but i also limit myself. Now there is one less avenue I can walk on. The same goes for people. We sometimes avoid people or things we have bad experiences with but we miss out on their unique and special contributions to the world.

Don’t give up on things. Everyday is a new beginning and a reinvention of it all. You only limit yourself.

I think my boycotting days are over.

What are you avoiding? What are you missing out on?


2 thoughts on “boycotting write offs.

  1. True that!
    I couldn’t agree more!
    An example for me is in middle school (Grade 6 and 7, I never completed it and instead switched to highschool in grade 8 in another district) I had to take Drama. It wasn’t bad, but there was absolutely no freedom in it. I couldn’t pick a darn thing I wanted to do. It was all controlled, and I thought from that that all theatre and drama was the same, So when I went to highschool and all the new friends I made were in theatre and noticed how dramatic I was, they sudgested I join. I kept repeting myself that I would never join because it was stupid and not for me.

    BUT English’s Shakespeare projects changed my life, and although they sucked(And I thought I was really good too XD ) a fuzzy feeling started up and I wanted to do it all again.

    After grade 10 and R+J, I finally landed myself in trial mode of theatre, and landed myself a lead role in their upcomming production too(O.O that was horrifying)

    But from that, I took away that I DID love it, and now I’m back into it. With one complete year done, and one more next year before I ave to say goodbye….. It’s sad. But I’m happy that I was able to realise my love for acting and join while I still had time.

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