Benefit Concert

Saturday, June 26th, my friend Jessie hosted a benefit concert. She brought a bunch of her talented friends together to perform and raise money for the looking glass foundation. I was so lucky to be included in such a talented line up of people. I sang and played guitar with my friend Sheamus (who tickled the keys and sang as well). We were a bit scared because two of our other friends were singing Lucky, another Jason Mraz song but both performances were quite different so I don’t think anyone compared us. Sadly it isn’t in the video the intro was something along the lines of..

Jenni: The song is a bit on the lengthy side so just sit back, close your eyes and let the music fill you with relaxation,

Sheamus: Like a musical spa!


Sheamus and I – Details in the Fabric

Nadia – The Wizard and I

Carolyn – Spoken Word

Jessie/Steven – Taylor the Latte Boy

There was a big group of kids that did a huge Glee Medley and we all sang/danced along. It was so high energy and made me so excited for Glee Camp this summer! Can’t wait!

Afterwards we took a bunch of silly photos.


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