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Inception PosterI FINALLY saw Inception yesterday. Now I know what everyone’s been talking about. First off this post contains spoilers but if you haven’t seen the movie I recommend you get out there and do so.

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

………………..SPOILERS AFOOT………………..

This movie made me think about a lot of things and i’d like to express how much I LOVE movies like this. I’ve been known to host a mind@#$% movie night every now and then and this will definitely be shown at a future home screening. It’s so refreshing to come out of something inspired and confused at the same time.

I think Inception offers us some important lessons. First off, we all have a choice about how we create our world to be. Which reality do you choose to live in? Does it matter? Maybe it was Mal who had the right idea, as long as you are happy why waste time judging if something is “real”. She may have gone mad and killed herself but I think that was how Cobb created her to be, both by use of inception and by his own imagination (if we conclude that the movie took place in a dream). In my opinion, Cobb is perhaps the most insane because he could not dream… maybe that tells us that the whole movie was a dream? Can you have natural dreams within a dream? Debatable…

The movie also reminded me about being present; living in the moment. LIVE live right? It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you accept your surroundings and fully engage with them. I think it would be foolish to lose yourself in a dream forever, however that is not to dismiss the power of imagination. Create amazing beautiful things and think of impossible dreams, but don’t lose sight of where you are.

The whole experience was pretty trippy. I went to an afternoon showing and it was still daylight when I came out (not as disjointing as seeing a matinee of the hangover [ I was like WTF?!? Where am I?], but still disorientating). I had to go hug one of the trees outside the theatre to feel if it was real. I needed to feel it’s barky skin. It felt alive… btw.

Cobb’s whole relationship with Mal was both beautiful and disturbing. There is some movie that I can’t recall which said that no one should ever be the only one. You have to rely on yourself and I think even when you are married you are still your own person and can’t invest EVERYTHING in one other person. I think he was way to attached to her, that said love makes people do CRAZY things so I can sort of understand how someone could fall into that trap. All of that though, feelings, emotions, relationships… it’s all in our heads. We really do create our own reality.

All this talk about dreaming also reminded me to watch Joe Rogan’s DMT rant. If you don’t know what DMT is, it stands for Dimethyltryptamine. In summary it is naturally produced by the human brain and found in most living things. It is a highly illegal, highly potent psychedelic. Listening to his interview made me a little bit sad that we waste time and money outlawing things like that when nuclear bombs are being developed that have the power to destroy the planet, yet we aren’t making those chemical illegal.

I don’t think I would ever personally experiment with that stuff just because I can only remember about 6 dreams I have had in my lifetime and they have all been very scary. I think what makes dreams memorable to me is that feeling of adrenaline you get from a really intense dream… and I think having more DMT than my brain produces naturally could incur very bad effects and a negative experience.

In short, GO SEE INCEPTION! ANd go learn about new things : )

Keep dreaming,


4 thoughts on “Inception –

  1. Inception: have’t seen it yet, so I had to skip most of this :(

    On DMT:
    Most drugs work in a “set and setting” type of environment, as well as play on your own personal reactions to them (chemicals are processed a bit differently in some people, some people have latent mental issues and drugs can bring them to the surface for a short time). Summary: You may not have a bad reaction unless you’re not willing and prepared to have a good one.

    On the subject of dreams and drugs, there’s a lot to cover, but to whet the appetite:

    I’ve read some rumors that LSD, in small quantities with some mental preparation, can also yield interesting dreams.

    Scopolamine is dangerous…but known for the dreams it induces…

    For something legal and harmless, There’s also the “dream fish”. Search the net for “dream fish drug”. Eat a fish, then have vivid dreams…

    I also recall a “dream caterpillar” with similar effects to the dream fish. No info on this though ;(

    • HAHA! Thanks for all the info.
      As a vegan I am against “dream fish” ingestion and “dream caterpillars” but that was really interesting to learn about! I hoped i’d have some wicked dreams last night but I guess you can’t ask your brain to come up with crazy stuff while you sleep : P

  2. I guess I can relate to the movie, It’s hard to be in a place like that but where Mal was confused between realtiy and a dream. I’ve been there. I though my ex was everything and i believe it but in reality I knew he wasn’t.

    I wish life was a dream but we have to wake ourselves up and come back to reality. Good Post.

    • Thanks! I really liked someone once and I had some really scary dreams about losing them, it was a really trying experience. It can be easy to let emotions overcome you and lose yourself to them.

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