Post Zero One

On Sunday I felt like I was in Zero One still. I stayed around home, connected with neighbours, hung laundry, watered plants, went to the post office, had a sing along to “complicated” by Avril Lavigne with a friend and the post office lady LOL… picked some local blackberries from across the street and in a park nearby, planted some of the black berries, watched the yard, talked with an old friend.

I was referred to as a “life loving friend”. That’s totally something i’d love to be manifesting so I guess it is working : )

Your Life Loving Friend,


7 thoughts on “Post Zero One

  1. Jenni ~ I just wrote a response to your post on ‘The Giving Tree” at Superforest. Just FYI… Also, I just want you to know that I enjoy your sweetness and love for life. You ask so many important questions and you also have a lovely wisdom that truly does surpass your years. I was so happy to read your experience on your trip to ZO (Zero One). So many things you said delighted me and I really loved it when you found yourself at the end of this visit at ZO, your heart tugging to remain yet such a desire to fly away. This was a very important lesson many of us don’t ever get. I think you will have a lovely life full of wonderment that will help others to find many treasures. You are “ZO” and I sense it in your words and in your actions.
    Much care and love your way and to the many travels I see you taking in the long future ahead!
    Patti ~

  2. Lovely Patti: I saw that reply! It was so quick, man the internet is magic. I’m glad I could give a new perspective on the story to you. That’s what I love about discussing things, you can learn so much from other people and even just thinking something through can allow you to learn so much.

    Thank you so much for your kind message. It was just what I needed at that moment : )
    Much love and Mahalo e-buddy : )

  3. The simple way of life! I love what you just described, and I even felt it all in my heart! I totally understand what you mean. To have passed by Zero One has changed my whole life also.
    Feeling that we make part of the vibrant energy, that we can change the whole world, as Super Heroes of love and kindness, has no price!
    You definitely ARE a ‘life loving friend’, Jenni! Thanks for you shares!
    ~ Marie ~

    • Awe! Thank you Miss Marie-Eve!

      I am enjoying being back in the city because of the amount of people I get to see everyday. Being out and about exposes me to so many people I can try to spread the SuperForest way and perspective to which is really nice.
      I miss gardening though. It is getting darker and rainier here on the westcoast everyday. I need to find out which plants I can put in that will benefit in this climate. I wish there was like a guidebook for growing here. I bet there is, I just need to find it! haha!
      I’ve also found that I am learning to see things in kind of… for lack of a better title, “the Jackson way”. I’ll look at something and be like what can I make out of this or i’ll see something on the ground and pick it up and save it for something. I never noticed the amount of shipping pallets around my area but they are all so ripe for scavenging hehe : D

  4. Haha! Yep… the “Jackson’s way”! I know exactly what you mean, once more! But I am tempted to add: the whole “Zero One’s way”… which I miss deeply! I don’t know if I’ll end up to find my way to live totally in peace with a so big part of it missing…? You’ll understand that I mean I can’t pee outside, as I can’t either make big gardens while living in appartment in such a big city as Montreal! And this is just to name a very minimum of things from the “ZO’s way” that both of us cannot apply in our urban life! Right? So, I’m still juggling and searching for the best way…

    I agree with you that they have such amazing books on plants growing in their country! As you, I wish I could find some like these, but applicable in Canada. Let’s keep ourselves in the loop if we find some great ones! What do you think?

    Have a good and refreshing night, on the other side of Canada! :)
    – M

    • OMG yes! The first day I was back I was like omg I need to pee outside! I’ve been trying to be sneaky and “enhance” my backyard trees and compost but my Mom thinks it is really gross and doesn’t approve hahah. It’s funny how some people are really grossed out by the idea but I used to be like that many moons ago so I hope they come around like I did : )
      I’m thinking of digging a compost toilet in my back ally ahah.

      I know what you mean about looking for the best way. The challenge is that one of the best things about Zero One was the fact that everyone is pretty much on board and wants to contribute/make something. Getting people to come around can be challenging but I think using good manners and positivity (as is the SuperForest way) really helps. I’m trying to make a difference in my neighbourhood, I’ve started talking to my neighbours and I think I might be able to get them to start composting. We are now sharing fruit abundance with each other. Yay!

      Sounds like a plan! I read the 100 Mile Diet and it was set in Vancouver. It was good because it tells you what was in season at which time but they mainly visited farmer’s markets and didn’t grow anything and found life quite challenging. The search continues!

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