World Peace Day

As you may know, last Tuesday was world peace day. I was happily awoken by about a million tweets from Yoko Ono (to be fair WPD feels like her Christmas hehe). It was an awesome day and in the evening I went to see K’Naan play a fundraising concert at the SFU Burnaby Campus. The concert was organized by a student group called “iVOW” which stands for “i Vision One World”. Because it was world peace day the event attracted a lot of very interesting and centred people. We got to hear some awesome local rappers with really powerful messages. My Favourite was this excellent rapper named “Wisdom” who played with a great dude on the djembe that they called “The Heartbeat of the Universe”.

On the way home my friend and I actually chatted with “The Heartbeat of the Universe” and he was a very excellent guy. We plan to go visit this little Caribbean restaurant they all jam at in the future. Such good energy from these people!

There was also this awesome band called Star Captains that played with several independent artists. When I first arrived I misread their name and called them the “Stab Captains” LOL. It sounds like a hxc pirate metal band!

If you are from BC you might have heard about how K’Naan didn’t play the show that night. The organizers can and told us there was some monetary issue (and there were many stories surrounding what happened, I don’t know who is at fault nor do I care). I am actually quite grateful he didn’t play. I still had fun, got to see some awesome performers, and met some really positive people. Also, after they made the announcement all of the negative people around me left so I no longer had to combat that energy. Yayyy! We made some new friends and I got to dance and jump around to more music… and I even caught a free shirt! I was a really awesome night. You always have a choice to have fun and be positive and I think it usually works out better when you make that choice : )

Positivity Wave!

Wow. It’s so funny. Life is so rewarding sometimes!

You put these “intentions” out there into the universe. Things you want and wish for… Just little things like meeting someone new or having someone acknowledge something about you. Or big things like going somewhere or accomplishing something. And they become real. And it’s amazing.

One of my Mom’s friends just called. She wasn’t home so we exchanged words and they told me how i’ve “really changed”. I asked in what way. They told me it’s my positivity.

Serious, this stuff is amazing. It just lifts you up and lets you sail along. Check your perspective. Change your attitude. Then do the same for others. Cause it spreads like wildfire. And will carry you as far as the eye can see. And beyond. And take you to places you never thought you’d go. And teach you things you never thought you’d know.

Really, it’s just learning to BE : )

And acknowledge people. And inspire them. And love them. And yourself.

: )

Said the Whale

“Mermaid sits on her rock and she prays
For the salmon in the sea, for the winged in the trees
For the old man on his knees
For the beauty in the park, and the cars at the heart
Her own sisters and her brothers
And ten thousand friends and lovers
A black day in December.”

A Black Day in December, Said the Whale

Today I went on an adventure to Stanley Park with pals Gracey, Trini and Logan to see Said The Whale play an acoustic set under the Hallow Tree in Stanley Park.

The show ended up being moved to Third Beach but the nice park rangers still let them play which was cool. I saw STW play during the Olympics but wasn’t very familiar with them. It was nice because I was able to sing along despite not knowing any of their music haha! Also they are a very local band. Lots of Vancouver references and what have you. Eat local, listen local! It’s nice : )

As local as the rivers they sing about, Said The Whale.

It was a really nice experience. Being surrounded by nature, under the rain… Even watching all the other people there was cool. All of us gathered around these trees… Beautiful day in a beautiful place with beautiful people : )

“You should never travel alone
and you know that one false step
and you might not make it home”

B.C. Orienteering, Said the Whale

You can see all the photos here on my flickr!

Rainbow Blog

So this week I started a little side project. I made a new blog devoted entirely to rainbows! Go to and subscribe or follow me if you are on tumblr! The idea is that i’ll post a couple rainbow related things up each day to inspire people. And if you come across anything awesome and rainbow related be sure to sumbit it at

I am still going to be posting normal bloggy things here but right now rainbows are a very important past of my life that I need to share with the world!