Spreading the love

I’ve done some creative projects in the past few weeks that I never got a chance to post about. I hope something here makes you smile!

After my Summer Camp Leader job ended we had all these binders that we wanted to leave for students to take. We put them outside of the student lounge and wrote little happy message on each one to encourage people to take them : )

For my student union we upcycled a bunch of cardboard boxed into this awesome display to promote FroshOne (Frosh is a two day event for first year university students to get to know each other and the university). We made a “Price is Right” style wheel and wrote nice things on the sides. I made a video so you could read the cool stuff : )



4 thoughts on “Spreading the love

  1. That’s so neat! I wish my frosh committee did stuff like this this! My frosh was just a week of racy cheers and people getting drunk. Not really my style. Although we did go to Medieval Times which would have be pretty cool had I actually gone! ahahah anyway, have a fantastic school year!

    • Hehe, we had fun with it. On the first day my favourite event was a newspaper fashion design challenge. I made a Tutu hehe. The second day we did a big city spanning scavenger hunt and then competed against the other program Froshes in “FroshOff”. Then we went out for dinner and went back to school to crash the dance party that Business Frosh was having. EPIC!
      Medival Times sounds cool, I think i’m gonna recommend we do something like that next year : )

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