Money Matters (or does it?)

My prof today asked us who wants to make less than $30,000 per year after getting their degree and I was the only one who put up my hand.
He asked why.
At the time I said something about not wanting to contribute to consumerism and my desire to live off the land, but I think I should have just said that there are more important things.
Plants are more important.
People are more important.
In the end, money really isn’t a very big part of the equation. But maybe that’s just me living at home still being young and naive…. and permaculting. But hey, be in the moment right? Loving it : )

One thought on “Money Matters (or does it?)

  1. You’re not naive, Jenni: you’re TRUE! With money, I’ve been passing beside my life until my 29th, believe me! Now that I’ve put it aside in importance, I AM LIVING IT!! I’m sure that some of your collegues will find themselves to think tonight! It will find its way! ;)
    Lovely post!

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