Lovin’ the Djembe!

My friend Jessica shared this awesome cover with me and it reminded me of my drum cafe experience at SFU’s 2010 Orientation!

The video is from 2009 but it was a very similar experience this year.

Keep on rockin in the free world!



3 thoughts on “Lovin’ the Djembe!

  1. These two ladies are awesome! Djembe is THE sound (if I do not count birdsong!) that is calling me the deepest. Probably something to do with my native roots… I loooove it and I can’t stop dancing on it! I have my very own Djembe (a pretty big and nice one btw!), but I can’t play it well… But I must admit that I don’t put the efforts :/

    Here in Montreal, every (really: E-VE-RY!) sunday from spring to automn, people gather at the foot of the Mount-Royal to play percussions and dance. Sounds awesome, right? You would love it! There are many videos on YouTube (type: tam tam mont royal), but here is one with not too many of high Ego’s fights going on! :P

    Happy automn season, miss Rempel! Enjoy the beautiful colors!

  2. That’s so cool! I’m glad you have one even if it is under utilized, they have an excellent energy and inspire good things : )
    I love being around the sound of the djembe! Actually in the past week it has come into my life many times and it brought me so much joy.

    I didn’t know Montreal was such a cool city! You guys have some many cool things going on and that Sunday gathering looks bumpin. To be honest I always was told that Quebec was really unwelcoming and snobby but it looks like an awesome province. Funny how incorrect perceptions can be.

  3. Ohhhh, how sad!
    It IS a really cool city though! Yeah! We have many warm happening events here!
    I am perhaps a bit biased, but I’m tempted to say that we are a really warm people! More and more with the time, we get to know and accept, and even, at some point, melt with other cultures!

    Okay, I must admit that some pretty small villages (the ones further from the big metropolis) are still a bit stiffs, since they do not have habit to see strangers, and in those cases, they speak almost only french. But here in Montreal, and all the suburbs around, it is different, and it’s not rare to see the native as me to speak french, english and spanish.

    You should give us the joy of your visit someday! You’ll make your own opinion! :)
    Mush love, miss Jenni!

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