World Peace Day

As you may know, last Tuesday was world peace day. I was happily awoken by about a million tweets from Yoko Ono (to be fair WPD feels like her Christmas hehe). It was an awesome day and in the evening I went to see K’Naan play a fundraising concert at the SFU Burnaby Campus. The concert was organized by a student group called “iVOW” which stands for “i Vision One World”. Because it was world peace day the event attracted a lot of very interesting and centred people. We got to hear some awesome local rappers with really powerful messages. My Favourite was this excellent rapper named “Wisdom” who played with a great dude on the djembe that they called “The Heartbeat of the Universe”.

On the way home my friend and I actually chatted with “The Heartbeat of the Universe” and he was a very excellent guy. We plan to go visit this little Caribbean restaurant they all jam at in the future. Such good energy from these people!

There was also this awesome band called Star Captains that played with several independent artists. When I first arrived I misread their name and called them the “Stab Captains” LOL. It sounds like a hxc pirate metal band!

If you are from BC you might have heard about how K’Naan didn’t play the show that night. The organizers can and told us there was some monetary issue (and there were many stories surrounding what happened, I don’t know who is at fault nor do I care). I am actually quite grateful he didn’t play. I still had fun, got to see some awesome performers, and met some really positive people. Also, after they made the announcement all of the negative people around me left so I no longer had to combat that energy. Yayyy! We made some new friends and I got to dance and jump around to more music… and I even caught a free shirt! I was a really awesome night. You always have a choice to have fun and be positive and I think it usually works out better when you make that choice : )


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