What will I do in life?

I have been pondering deeply the past few days.

What will I do in life?

Where should I go next?

Which opportunities should I pursue?

What do I value?

I am so grateful I got to participate in the SFU convocation (graduation) ceremony once again as an usher. I love seeing all of the people and hearing all of the words of wisdom.

One of my favourite twitter messengers @DailyZen posed the following quotation:

” “I have done my best”, that is about all the philosophy of living that one needs” -Lin-yutang

I think that if in my lifetime I do anything less than change the world I will not have done my best and I will have wasted my potential. I am a change maker. When things are good I celebrate and when things are bad I make them better.

I think after I finish university I want to make change either by working for a charity (ie: Invisible Children or Free the Children) or by making contributions to communities (possibly on a different continent).

We all have the power and responsibility to make a better world. Let us go forth and do : )

With unconditional love,


2 thoughts on “What will I do in life?

  1. Awesome post, miss Rempel! And what about: being someone to motivate people to follow your exemple (you seems to have the knack for!), and go from school to school to speak?

    Hey, asside of this: I found a picture that I’m sure you’d like me to share with you, but have no email adress to do so!

  2. I really love giving presentations and speaking to big groups like that. I think in one of my coming semesters I am going to go be a “roadie” for invisible children. They live in a van and travel giving presentations to schools about Invisible Children, which I am really passionate about : )

    And Miss Marie-Eve you can reach me anytime at:

    Much Love,

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