Sometimes the only thing between ourselves and happiness is just that, us. We create mazes in our minds and go on complicated journeys only to see it was right across the way all along. I am so grateful and blessed to have left the maze : )

A friend sent this to me. How very true.

I hope this Monday brings you joy : )

Kwan Seum Bosal!


expressing my concerns

Why do people so often view themselves as the most important creatures on the planet? Or themselves as the most important person? As a human, I can see how it can sometimes be difficult to look outside ones self. You are you, after all. What else is there? A lot, as it turns out.

With each decision you make so many other are affected. How will other people feel about it? How will other creatures feel?

I sometimes express my concerns about the decisions of others. I feel it is my right to. We all share this planet. We all need to co-exist. What if someone I know was torturing someone else? I wouldn’t just stand by and watch. But no one will listen to my concerns if I don’t express them in a way that makes other comfortable and able to listen to my concerns. I’m still trying to find out what that manner is.

The purchasing and the plastics and the paper waste… it all makes me very sad. I can see why others might be offended when I express concerns but I wish I could make them understand. In speaking out against the lack of compassion I have created a lack of compassion. Funny how that works.

Kwan Seum Bosal

Kwan Seum Bosal

Kwan Seum Bosal

How do we create Kwan Seum Bosal?


Kwan Seum Bosal

Kwan Seum Bosal

Kwan Seum Bosal

Kwan Seum Bosal

Kwan Seum Bosal is the Boddhisatva of compassion. When you chant the name of Kwan Seum Bosal, you are more or less expressing your desire for the spirit of compassion to manifest in the world.

Which is amazing. Let us all share in this : )



Sounds like a Revolution


I was very blessed to be able to see it on Thursday at the premiere of the Amnesty International Film Festival. The film by Summer Love (awesome name eh?) was really inspiring and just what I needed to see. I hadn’t really listened to Anti-Flag or NOFX before but I am now inclined to start. Lately I have been really trying to find the envelope pushers, those that care about the world and want to make a difference… maybe I need to go to more concerts? haha.

The movie explored social activism through music and they ways in which music is controlled and distributed today. Michael Franti was featured. That dude is so awesome.

Music has a way of reaching people. I was at school working late one night and a dude started playing guitar in the corner, it was so soothing. With music we can really reach people. I think we all have a song. And it is so crucial that we sing.

If you get a chance to check out the rest of the AIF Festival in Vancouver or to see Sounds like a Revolution… do it!

OH! And this song has been stuck in my head ever since I watched the movie. SO good!


Interactive People Watching


One of my group member’s shared this video with me.

Check out the interactive people watching!

It’s so interesting the way people adapt. Also, it’s interesting how this one person had such a big impact on that area. We are all so influential! How are you changing the path of others today?

Also it is interesting to look at the way this guy changed the system. People, as shown in the video, follow systems. What does our system teach us?

peace & aloha!


a relationship, a poem

what is a relationship?

a hand to hold?

a face to know?

someone to be there?

with whom to grow old?

maybe it’s simplier,

a friend and pal,

or less committed,

a friend just for now.

Perhaps it’s the one you can’t live without

the person that drives you to get up and go out.

It could be the one you can never ignore,

for some it’s the person who lives just next door.

Some travel miles, across oceans and seas.

Some just wait patiently, while some like to tease.

When looking for love it’s important to say:

today is your moment, forget yesterday.