I’ve been trying to only post positive things lately but some other bloggers I read have posted some personal “less than joyous things” that were really helpful to me lately so here goes. I hope something here is relevant for you.

I am creating that some friends don’t like me.

I am creating that I am the weird blue haired girl that “normal” people wouldn’t like.

I am creating that I am too different from others for us to have fun together.

I am creating that I am too crazy and eccentric and do not give others opportunities.

I am creating that I am not serving the people in my project group very well.

I am creating that my Mom doesn’t want me to help other people.

I am creating that people are unhappy with me right now because of my actions.

I am creating that certain people purposefully oppose my vegan food choices.

I am creating that other people are less productive than I am.

I am creating that I am talking too much and listening too little.

All of these things may be true but they may also be false. I get to choose. That is the beauty of the mind, we have complete control over our own experience. Today, and this weekend I have had many varied experiences and have had lots of things that have stemmed personal growth.

I am thankful for my mistakes, for they let me learn.

I am grateful for my shortcomings, for they keep me human.

I am grateful for me successes and the successes of others.

I am grateful.




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