A Christmas Vision

By Joe Christensen

So for a while i’ve been pondering this vision i’ve been having. Picture this. It is Christmas but instead of being inside around a dead tree you are outside (in a forest? a SuperForest?) and you sit around the tree (maybe in it?) exchanging handmade gifts and sharing each other’s company. You have decorated the tree with flowers perhaps? I feel like someone is tapping the sleigh bells. There is no wasted wrapping or mess, just love and nature.

Can you see it?

Awesome Moments

  • Living on adrenaline and other chemicals instead of food for a few days
  • Dancing.
  • Dancing to SARA BAREILLES new album. String cover of “King of Anything” = win.
  • Pain from dancing.
  • When 20 minutes feels like 2 hours… Best. Massage. Ever.
  • Being the last ones awake and talking till you fall asleep
  • Forgetting who your friends are and where you fit in, and then remembering and feeling as if you never left : )
  • Waking up filled with creative inspiration from trippy dreams and night visions.
  • Youtube.
  • Pineapple.
  • How creepy would it be if I just sat and watched the kids across the street from my house having a garden hose fight and climbing a tree? They are so awesome!

Oh, the irony.

Do you ever have those days or experiences where it’s like irony is going “Whose laughing now, bitch?”. I do. It’s been a while. Good to be back. Keeps me entertained : )

Physiotherapist: Sometimes these things are related to stress. Did anything change in your life when the pain started happening? Anything stressful?

Me: *HAHHAHAHAHA. Dies of laughter inside.* You could say that…

I Love…

A wonderful post on SuperForest just reminded me of this list I made at the beginning of the semester and have been meaning to share. Taa Daa! Enjoy!

I love…

people who ride bicycles, and people who hula hoop, and people who ride bicycles with hula hoops, and people with coloured hair, and people with dreadlocks, and people with piercings, and people with good manners, and people with clever tattoos, and people who wear hats, and people who smile back, and people who are positive, and people who like me, and people who don’t, and people i’ve met, and people I haven’t, and people who care, and people who don’t, and people who eat raw food, and people make raw food, and people who go outside, and people who succeed, and people who fail, and people that aren’t good with other people, and people who are, and people who care about nature, and people who take transit, and people who are photographers, and people that aren’t photographers but own SLRs, and people who take pictures, and people who make films, and people that watch films, and people who act, and people who don’t, and little people, and big people, and old people, and young people, and people who write poems

and girls with nice pianos

and you.”

What do you love?