What I’m grateful for in 90 seconds

You have 90 seconds to list what you are grateful for. Go!
  • the abundance the world has to offer
  • music
  • lifelong friends
  • new friends
  • meeting new people
  • nature
  • the sky
  • rainbows
  • tea
  • breakfast
  • green smoothies
  • raw food
  • http://www.superforest.org
  • Simon Fraser University
  • design
  • photoshop
  • IAT 233
  • trampolines
  • dance parties
  • not knowing what is coming next
  • good choices
  • bad decisions
  • lessons
  • hot showers
  • slippers


This was an interesting exercise (thanks to j.mraz for the idea : D hehe). It really got me thinking. There are so many things I didn’t have time to list. Laughter, sunshine, my parents, my life, theatre, improv, laughter yoga, trapeze, mysterious happenstance, good listeners… I could keep going. I think the lesson here is that we have so much to be grateful for and there wouldn’t be time to write it all down.

Instead we can  live each minute of our lives with kindness and gratitude and bring that energy into everything that we do…

because there will never be enough time to say a proper “thank you” to everyone and there are some things you can’t “thank” in the traditional sense (ie, rainbows or nature).


One thought on “What I’m grateful for in 90 seconds

  1. Awww! I know! And the list can go on and on!

    -A gentle snow falling while it isn’t too cold outside.
    -Walk barefoot on a trail in the middle of a forest.
    -Be sat on a rock in the middle of a river and just listen to Nature.
    -A djembe jam around a fire camp.
    -Be excited for something that you know is coming within the next minutes/hours.
    -Long hugs with close friends.
    -Singing out loud with headset on while doing some housekeeping.
    -Open my eyes in the morning on weekends and knowing that I don’t HAVE to get up right away. :)

    I love that exercice too! Thanks for this moment of gratefulness, Jenni!

    I personally think that we CAN thank THINGS too. And I am sure that you DO, but maybe not didn’t really noticed… You LOVE rainbows. When you look at one, I am sure that you take the time to observe and “love” it, to be moved by it. While that time, I am sure that your whole self vibrates the gratitude. When you realize that you are doing so, just close eyes, take a deep breath, FEEL this gratitude and say thank you (by voice or by vibrating it in exhaling). Those moments also make part of my list! ;) It is undescribable how good it is to take the time to “FEEL” things and not just LOOK at them! I am sure that you know what I mean.

    Love and Aloha!

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