So in love with life!

Today as I was walking on Commercial Drive after an unexpected trip to Laughter Yoga, I was almost in tears of gratitude. The world is amazing and I am so grateful to be a part of it and get to experience all of these magical things.


Laughing until it hurts with awesome friends

Getting the party started hehe

Getting to MC the FCAT Formal and do all the amazing things everyone envisioned for the event : )

Having people actually recognize what I was trying to do with my “Black Swan” inspired masquerade outfit and think I looked perdy hehe

Failing and learning from it immediately instead of lingering in that “put down” phase.

Doing someone’s makeup and having them love it. Win!

Being awake.

Making random friends downtown and having good, non superficial conversations.

Waking up on the 18th floor of a Hotel near waterfront and doing a sun salutation on the balcony overlooking Vancouver as the sun rose. BEAUTIFUL.

Dancing to children’s music with kids who have no reservations!

Getting PAID to do video work for the first time! SO exciting!


Wearing other people’s clothes.

Unexpectedly visiting Commercial Drive each day!

A-cappella gibberish jam!

Bumping into amazing people!

Having someone call me a Rockstar : )

Rock on friends. Don’t ever stop.

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