Where’s Waldo FLASHMOB

This Sunday I want to my second flashmob of the year. WHERE’S WALDO! It felt really good to be back doing silly things in public, especially since I missed the impromptu singing on public transit recently!

We went to a book store and entertained the workers who were SUPER CONFUSED! And just being there in general was pretty funny. In the food court I heard some boys saying “I just saw another one! There are so many!”. Made. My. Day.

I was emo waldo haha! “He’s missing, and it makes me feel so blue”. Overall it was really funny and interesting to be part of. My lack of red kind of reminded me when I played the Emo Kid in High School Musical back in grade 11. Good times. It was too bad we never found Waldo, but then I feel like searching for him is half the fun. Do you ever really, truly find Waldo? And if so… what’s next?

Check out these awesome photos of the event!

2 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo FLASHMOB

  1. Aha, so you were the evil Waldo. It was pretty amusing when you guys moved as a group as the uniformity of it reminded me of something out the Reservoir Dogs or V for Vendetta.

    Sorry for not getting the entire conversation on video, I didn’t realize the recording timer was near the bottom of the screen!

    • Not evil, EMO haha. The evil Waldo, Odlaw, has a yellow shirt : P
      Your photos looked awesome BTW! And no worries! Thanks for filming it! You did a great job! : D

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