I thought it was beautiful. This should be a play.

Go on Flickr and search: infinite for more hehe

I received this as a text message today. Well more like 8 text messages : P

I thought it was beautiful. This should be a play.

I just had an experience where I felt infinite. I thought you should know.

Well when HP7 finished. We decided to go on a walk. And we just went walking around the neighbourhood and in the middle of the road. And then we stopped at this intersection and just laid down on the road for 20 minutes and talked, but not like small talk. Just a little deeper stuff. It was nice. I found special happiness while looking at the stars and we actually had a conversation about if something was a satelite or not. :) CB moment. <3 and we had good time there. Lots of laughs too. And we went back to my friends house and laid on her trampoline for a few more minutes and made up constellations. Then i just drove my german friend back to her house which is kind of where diane’s is in the country. And it was just a nice quiet drive while playing After The Storm by mumford and sons over the stereo. Really calming. Im driving home with quiet calm music. Now i’m going home and i’m gonna make some so and watch a movie in blankets with my teddy bear. And just feel warm and good. :) <3

Thank you to my fine fantastic friend : )

Your life is like poetry.

And thanks to Emily for receiving this so I could share it haha : D


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