Carpe Diem Muffins

I had a dream. It was a scary dream.

I was in a plane crash with my Mom. We were flying to India for some odd reason and the plane crashed in the water right near Royal Columbian Hospital. It was a bit of a near death experience. It was very scary because for the past year or so I have lived without fear of death. I came to accept my own impermanence without fear. But when the plane crashed my first thoughts were the things I left unsaid. The conversations I put off…

When I woke up (several hours early) I made “carpe diem muffins” (vegan cherry streusel flavor nix the nuts). I called my Dad. I talked to my Mom. I brought treats to my co-workers and had conversations. I talked to some of my friends.

All of these things I wanted to say to people.. You inspire me! I’m so glad to know you! I’m sorry! I take responsibility! You are amazing!

It was interesting to have this reminder to “clear it up as it comes up” (in the words of love-inspiring tricia) and get everything out. I thought it was a little funny though. From some reading recently I was being informed about how actions can either come from a place of love or fear. I thought it was interesting that my actions of love, were coming out of a place of fear (waking up so scared from my dream). But hey, practice makes perfect right!

After discussing dreams with a few people I had another dream the following evening. I was spinning and I could physically feel the earth moving. I kept trying to go to sleep, but I would just continue to spin on each attempt. Kind of interesting because I recently learned that when in a lucid dream, apparently spinning usually prolongs the dream.



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