What opens you to creating connections and being in relationships?

This was inspired by the amazing workshop, Kindred Spirit, I attended with Matthew and Terces Engelhart from Cafe Gratitude on the weekend.

I am creating that yesterdays post was really heavy. I want to try the opposite!

What opens you to creating connections and being in relationships?

NOTE: We are all in relationships with EVERYONE all the time. There is so much more than just intimate relationships. Friendships are relationships. There are work relationships. I even have a relationship with the Earth, Nature and our planet.

This was a really big question for me to answer. It would be really cool to hear what other people think! Please share in comments! : D

NOTE: I think sharing is contributing to the whole and making yourself available to be spoken through/ by love. I think sharing is an expression of love.

So what opens me? Synergy! Connecting with others! Feeling acknowledged! Being inspired! Being creative! Feeling accepted! Giving and receiving hugs! High Fives! Shared hobbies! Dancing with partners! Singing in harmony! Being listened to! Being heard! Listening to others! Being a safe space! Helping others! Being supported and cared for by others! Winning at life! Shared laughter! Kisses! Sharing a smile! Holding hands! Pounding it! Secret handshakes! Running! Jumping! Not being alone! Being watched and admired! Being trusted! Holding my own integrity! Keeping promises! Playing games! Making up stories! Buying things! Giving things away! Volunteering! Getting help! Picking up trash with others! Seeing part of me reflected by other people.

I am so up for creating connections and relationships!

I think relationships are a mirror, designed to reflect ourselves. I want to be a reflection of unconditional love!

I am committed to creating a life of unconditional love and unconditional trust.

3 thoughts on “What opens you to creating connections and being in relationships?

  1. What opens me to others, especially females, is her nice ass and smile. She laughs, but not too much to make me suspicious. She likes being a female and she likes to be smart and engaging. And she is.
    From males, I’d like to see an interest in spending time together. He probably likes to play basketball, watch football, drink alcohol, and stay bodysurfing at the cold beach long after everyone else has gone ashore. Plus, he want to help me get the cute girl with the nice ass and smile.

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