Skills of a Kindred Spirit


Taking responsibility for and communicating my experience.

I say “I apologize” because “I’m sorry” may land in a different way.

Appreciating the teaching and impact this person has had on you and committing to appearing to them as unconditional love.

I can apologize for my actions, thoughts, judgements and for speaking or acting in a way that didn’t land as an opportunity, for not showing up as love.



are not requirements.

are letting someone know what you want, and having the freedom to hear YES, NO or a COUNTER OFFER. If the answer is no that is not a negative thing.

The ability to receive no is the ability to receive yes.



Being curious! Asking myself why I feel a certain way or think a certain thing.



For the Cleared: The deeper you share the more profound your experience.

For the Clearer: this is training/meditation in compassionate listening and an opportunity to hold the seat of love. You must only repeat back what the cleared says, and repeat back how they said it.

Clearing is a sacred process.



Holding Space:

Being love! Accepting others and circumstances and holding the seat of love.

4 thoughts on “Skills of a Kindred Spirit

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