An LA Story: Right Place at the Right Time

I met the amazing Kiel Pollit from Pressed Juicery and sitting at the bar of Cafe Gratitude LA after finishing the Kindred Spirit workshop that I was in town for.

I stayed at a super smokey hostel the night before which plugged up my sinuses. Kiel was amazingly generous and gifted me some extra carrot juice he had lying around. Perfect! It was a really magical dinner (Moby was eating behind me and three people had birthdays hehe).

After a very interesting journey to my hostel (being approached and getting to practice saying “NO” multiple times and then being mistaken for a homeless person) I finally arrived.

The hostel was very strange… there was this smokey pool and my room was super dark so I was too scared to find my bed… and there were so many random cats! I ended up talking with this nice Australian guy (and fellow Jason Mraz fan) until like 3 in the morning. When I woke up I went by the pool to take some photos of the AMAZING JUICE that Kiel gave me and then this other traveller approached me. I ended up taking these beautiful portraits of my new friend Rick. Talk about right place at the right time : )


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