My WE DAY 2011

Last week I got to be a part of We Day 2011 and I couldn’t be more blessed. Last year was my first We Day (a huge event at Rogers Arena where they get 18,000 students pumped about making social change) and I was a crowd pumper. This year I got to help coordinate the CP team and wear a headset which was pretty wicked. All those years of theatre really paid off haha. It was interesting because I wasn’t really watching the show, but I was there, with all of these inspiring amazing people. And I still got to dance and wear my tight and bright attire : D

My highlights included this speech by Noah Kaplan called “be the spark” was one of the most beautiful things I have heard in a long time.

He stands on the edge of eternity peering cautiously into the future….

…Grab a hand and hold it…. and we can sit in wonder together….

– Noah Kaplan

It is an amazing thing, to create a dream for yourself and then see it realized. I totally wanted the opportunity I created for myself this year and I look forward to the future as well : )


2 thoughts on “My WE DAY 2011

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