Us and Them

On the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing “Us and Them,” an interactive show up on by Headlines Theatre.

I as the show began watched the shadows dance under the glow of the sunlight (stage light). The harmonics tickled my ears with their delicate touches of perfections, it was a quiet beauty.

As the opening scenes unfolded I observed many things. When I began looking for differences, they grew to be great and many. I think we see what we want to see. When you look for differences they are infinite. I also saw consumerism get in the way. Quite literally, one character couldn’t see his path over his big screen TV. I see a social irony here….

Also apparent to me were the differences and perspectives in every situation. There is an inside to every window and a room behind each wall.

A large theme that the show presented was the modern differences in gender. Transgendered stigma was explored. It is something that I have only been part of dialogue on recently and I am still learning about issues and challenges faced by transgendered people. This is an area where I am fairly ignorant. Man… Woman… can’t we just be people? I am curious if these issues would exist outside of North American culture.

“We never know what we do.”


Is too much equal to nothing at all?

After the play we engaged in a DIALOGUE. In a dialogue, we suspend judgement and listen to others, even those with whom we don’t agree. This dialogue was centered around hot to build bridges, tear down walls, and stopping putting them up in the first place. The community in the room looked for access points to create these new outcomes.

“Is the wall inside yourself?”


I was left with these conclusions. Laughter, silliness and acknowledgements are the ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. I want to be a celebrator of differences and an empowering force of change in the world : )

US AND THEM runs until Saturday, November 12th. Shows are at 8PM at The Cultch. Dooo it!

How To Feel Great As An Artist

  1. realize how unique and special you are
  2. cheer yourself on
  3. be open to possibilities
  4. overvalue your expertise (impossible)
  5. let passion and inspiration dictate what you do
  6. forget societal pressures
  7. do only work that you love
  8. set realistic goals and deadlines
  9. remember that haters gon’ hate, surround yourself with people who love and empower you
  10. find inspiration in everything
  11. keep making art

Cuddles: A Poem


They mess you up real bad.

Far worse than the sex

that we never had.


Breathing in your scent.

Intoxicated with you,

But that’s not what you meant with you




I wrote this a long time ago and just found it recently. It was inspired by a series of similar conversations with a series of unique friends of mine. Now I am thinking I should write a follow-up called “Spooning”…

The Offbeat Romantic Dream (A Poem)

Double exposure 42306h

It would be

oh so hipster and oh so nice

to make photocopies and drink red wine

& we could dance to a song from another time

or ride bicycled together, findin’ rocks to climb

build a fort out of the sheets

an call it a castle that we’ll never have to leave

– except to go to work and school…

and meet all of our friends too…

cause there will always be, more than just me and you.

I am a Leader Causing Leaders [Part 4]


I learned some very interesting things about currency at Leaders Causing Leaders.

Of course there is the classic “Pay in Forward” concept but there are some other ideas emerging too.

Ideas like a depreciating currency, a yin & yang economy, time banks and bit coin were all new to me.

I also was told: If your product has value you should charge for it. And to find people whose strengths are my weaknesses.

I also got to enjoy a lovely concert from one of my favorite groups Avasa & Matty Love. There was even a cool former Disney artist doing live sketchings… it was a really artistic party!

On the way home I had some lovely conversations in the airport, however the plan was not full so I sat alone on the ride back. I edited photos and pondered my trip. While flying it occurred to me that when it is dark I could be 1 000 000 miles off the ground and never know how high I really am.

I also wrote this poem on the way back:

When you tell me things

I see them more clearly

than the things

in front of my face

I’ll ride my bicycle

across the stars

and dance with the the wor(l)ds

I embrace.

I AM (an ENFP Poem)

6. Intuition

Methodical, Questioning ENFP.

An Initiating, Expressive, Gregarious, Active, Enthusiastic Extrovert.

An Abstract, Imaginative, Conceptual, Theoretical and Original Intuitor.

A Logical-Empathetic, Compassionate, Questioning, Accepting, Tough-Tender Feeler.

A Casual, Open-Ended, Early-Starting-Pressure-Prompted, Spontaneous, Methodical Perciever.

…and a Jenni : )

Written by Jenni Rempel,

via Myers-Briggs Assessment.

Talks on Education

This past month I presented at ICE: The Inter-University Conference on Education. Some of the talks from this event have now been posted online.

This was the only talk I was present for but I really enjoyed it.

I strive to create conditions in which you might learn.

Wise words from a wise prof.

More talks can be found here:

My Review of Light Bright Swig Backpack

Originally submitted at Timbuk2

A hyper water resistant backpack with nighttime visibility.

Almost There

By Jenni the Cycling Fairy from Vancouver, BC on 11/1/2011


3out of 5

Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable

Cons: Too Small

Best Uses: Commuting, Computer, Office, Books, Cycling, School

Describe Yourself: Comfort-Oriented, Practical

Primary use: Personal

Was this a gift?: No

Water bottle pocket is way too small.
The velcrow is loud.

Waterproof design and reflective stripe are great.
It sits high on my back which feels nice and light too.