What a lovely semester it has been! This term I took dance, acting and writing and participated once again in the SFU Improv Club.

Through improv I have learned many relevant life lessons, such as “being a yes”, accepting offers, supporting others, going with the flow, having fun, listening, being present and more. It was a really fun time this year as I actively maintained our twitter and facebook, posting QUOTE OF THE WEEK to highlight the best one-liners from our practices.

We hosted three bi-weekly shows at the Highland Pub called Funny Monday’s, where we featured improv and stand up comedy (which I am hoping to try this summer). One of them was 2.0 themed, a dream I have had for a long time.

I also got the chance to perform as part of the festival ensemble at the UBC Impulse Festival where I got to meet some awesome people (including the brother of a guy from a TV show!) and see some innovative improv (including two amazing formats: the EPIC [suggestion: mundane task = half hour adventure] and hostage [three improvisors were taken hostage and given a case of beer, for inspiration the improvisors would yell HOSTAGE and a live Skype feed of the increasingly drunken hostages would play for a while, inspiring the cast to improvise more]).

I am really lucky to have such a funny, awesome group of friends.

The SAN Dance

The SAN Dance

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