Blast from the past

Dear Jenni,

Today is April 12th. It is 5:02AM. This is a web 2.0 letter from yourself.

Summer semester is upon you. This summer you started your: 3rd year courses, your term on the SFSS Board as Forum Rep, the LEAD 2 program, and had many adventures.

I hope you achieved all of your goals, or were led to interesting places in pursuit of them:

  • Film an underwater scene.
  • NOT become a part of gossip.
  • Host a “french” themed party
  • Go Camping
  • Learn to BE LOVE
  • Work on your diplomacy

Here’s to you,



5 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. Wow so looking back…
    I Filmed an Underwater Scene:
    I committed to not gossiping! And it has been challenging but SO REWARDING:

    I have not had my french party… YET : )


    I did not go camping…

    I learned more about BEING LOVE:

    And my whole year was centred around diplomacy. Cheers to that!

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  3. Dear Jenni! I hope you are having a tonne of fun, while accomplishing great things, in New York! I’m wondering what you mean by working on your diplomacy. What is diplomacy to you, if you don’t mind sharing?
    thank you dearie! *hugs* *LOVE*

    • Miss HarSimran!
      I am having a grand time here.
      At the time I wrote this I really wanted to explore “diplomacy” as a way of communicating clearly with people in a kind and compassionate manor. I was also listening to the song “Diplomat’s Son” by Vampire Weekend ( and as such diplomacy appeared as the answer to my challenges with trying to communicate with others. How do I share bad news, disagree, or say “yes” or “no” with tact?

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