The Fault in our Cancer


The Fault in our Stars.

Gosh, even the name of this book is beautiful. I typed it several times to quote my favourite passages into Tumblr and never got tired of entering those five gorgeous words into my laptop. I was both moved and bothered by this book.

Moved because of the witty banter, the eloquent wordplay and the finely crafted innocent romance that drew far too many parallels to my own life like all John Green novels I have read. I related to TFioS so much. In some ways it was like my life story. In others it was dramatically different.

Bothered because much like 50/50 (the movie where Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character has cancer), it completely disregarded any alternative cancer treatments or therapies. Though Hazel, the protagonist in TFioS, was a vegetarian, throughout most of the novel she ate SAD (Standard American Diet) meals of pizza, mac & cheese and other dishes slathered in animal fat.

Movies like forks over knives and my own research into alternative therapy have convinced me that there are other ways to deal with disease. I wish

Though I think movies like 50/50 and books like TFioS likely paint a very accurate picture of life as a conventional cancer patient, I can’t help but want the best for the characters, to see Hazel heal and grow old. I want her to eat plants, stop taking medication and having tubes put in and out of her… I think it is all very unnatural (Google G-Tube to see what I mean) and I wish that no one had to subject themselves to that.

I am a bit scared to post this and write about my thoughts on the cancer topic… I may not be the best person to write about how we should treat cancer, after-all I have never had cancer and am not a nutritionalist or a doctor, however I have seen the differences in my own health. When I was in grade 11 I had chronic bronchitis and was constantly sick. I lived on antibiotics and I was SO TRIED ALL THE TIME. I was depressed and had no energy. And congested, couldn’t sleep. Awful. But since then I have switched to a compassion-based lifestyle and a plant-based (vegan, now mostly raw vegan) diet and I cannot express how much of a differences these changes have made and continue to make for my quality of life. I have also noticed that some people get very defensive and very upset when I mention alternative treatment and therapies. My intention in sharing these thoughts is not to upset anyone, but rather to communicate my wish for the world to be healthy and nourished. And I think we can do it… an apple a day (but not in a twilight way.. literary joke haha).

2 thoughts on “The Fault in our Cancer

  1. wow, this was a really thoughtful post! i agree that people need to see/treat cancer in a different way. so often, people who discuss alternative therapies are treated like idiots or quacks by the mainstream.

    although i believe that chemo/radiation has its place, it might be best to dial down the severity of it and instead supplement it with diet changes and other alternative therapies. my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer–at first, he thought his appendix was bursting, and then found out he had a fair-sized tumour and had it removed. a couple months later, he started chemo, and he got far, far sicker from the chemo than he ever had with the cancerous tumour in his body. he got so sick that he has vowed not to get chemo if his cancer ever returns. there HAS to be a better way to deal with cancer than this! i’m cynical (and knowlegdeable enough about the capitalist system) to believe that our most common way of treating cancer is primarily beneficial to drug companies, and not patients. i am not a medical professional or anything of the sort, and i believe that some people definitely need harsh chemo/radiation to combat their illness, there has to be a better way to treat the majority of patients!

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