So earlier I had one of the un-ignorable fits of inspiration that took me flying down Hastings on the way to do my radio show. Written/Chorded/Recorded in about 90 mins total. Here’s to a very rough draft! Cheers.


It’s like running to catch a train

That you know you’ll never make

And then somehow

You just sail through the door

Or someone holds it open

Cause we can’t move mountains on our own

And that’s when

That’s when you know

This is being alive

When all the odds defied

When you jump and then you fly

You succeed after you try

You know you know

This is what is right

Your mission matches your life

(Your mission is your life)

And somehow


I want to throw up

And swim the sea

Cause I could win at anything right now

This is more than being lucky

This is just believing something

And maybe

Maybe This time I’m just right

That man doesn’t believe in love

And that man can’t feel god In His blood

But I can and it always brings me home

And I think of

That feeling when you know

You’re doing something right

Maybe I’m just crazy

Maybe this is what it means

To be manic an uncontrolled

Living in dreams

But I don’t care that I can’t explain

And I don’t care what’s wrong with my brain

I’ve got a feeling

Oh oh oh

Had some well spent time

There’s peace under my eyes

And it shows

I feel like I have a glow

And I want the whole world to know

That were doing better everyday

Yes we are better every day

I’m on the wrong side of the street

And there’s needles on the ground around me

But I don’t care an I just wanna scream

How much I love everything

And I wanna cry

Cause I am more than happy inside

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