A Manifesto is a public statement of beliefs and values.

It doesn’t get much more public then the interwebs, so read on and know that I strive to live up to every word!

As a manifesto is a constantly changing and evolving entity I present version 3.0 (below is the older version).

Jenni Rempel's Manifesto

Version 3.0

Jenni Rempel's Manifesto

version 2.0

12 thoughts on “Manifesto

  1. Congratulations! Love your Manifesto.

    Some might say there is a contradiction between “Question Everything” and “When you judge you can’t love”.

    I think you can “Question Everything” with an open mind and open heart, with humility and a sense of perspective.

    Judging is something I struggle with both in personal relationships and on a broader scale. As a lawyer, judging and being judged are part of the work. I believe in the fundamental importance of laws setting out each person’s rights and obligations. But what I always tell myself is: “there is no justice without compassion”.

    • Thank you!

      I see what you are saying, is there a difference between judging and questioning though? I’ll have to ponder that.
      I meant “question everything” more in terms of the information we receive (in all its many forms) and “when you judge you can’t love” more in terms of people and the way in which we treat others (but to be honest it sounds SO CHEESY I think i’ll remove it or rethink the working for my manifesto 3.0)

      “there is no justice without compassion”, I love that, so true! Maybe it is okay (or unavoidable) to judge people as long as we don’t let our judgement change the way we treat them.

      Also, some food for thought, I recently saw the rebel’s manifesto and I think it’s pretty awesome that our manifesto’s have “question everything” in common : P

      • Here is my opinion (a little late)

        It’s almost impossible to prevent ourselves from judging others, as that is what we do as humans, we make observations about that which is around us and analyze it to come to conclusions. The important part is what we do with these judgements, do we look at them as fact, do we act upon them, do they hinder our ability to make connections with others? What you need to do is find a way to make judgements without looking down on others, and making sure that we always remember there is more to the picture than what we see.

        I don’t agree entirely with you in saying “Maybe it is okay (or unavoidable) to judge people as long as we don’t let our judgement change the way we treat them,” as the word “judge” has so many impactions. For example your judgement might tell you that someone is having a bad day and acting upon this judgement could assist you in helping them. I think this leads me to my last (and main) point…

        Judgement (of a person at least) has two different sides, judging the person in a specific situation and judging the person as a whole. I feel that a human’s life is so complex that it is impossible to make accurate judgements about another’s life without having lived it, so judging a person as a whole is what we mean when saying “don’t judge others”. To finish this off I will leave you with a concrete example, you walk down the street and you see a man sitting on a blanket on the sidewalk, wearing dirty torn clothes and with a tin can in front of him. Now you are already making judgements, you already think he is homeless. From here you can judge his person as a whole, saying “this man threw his life away and now he expects me to give him my hard earned money” or you can judge the situation surrounding him, saying “this man appears less fortunate than I am and he appears to be sad, I wonder what made him so sad, I wonder why he is homeless”. This my friend is how we can avoid letting judgements stop us from loving and allow judgements to lead us to question everything!

  2. Hi Jenni,

    I love your manifesto. The real trick of course is not just to write it down (important though!) but to live it. From what I see you seem to be doing a great job at doing just that! Life is a dance between idealism and reality, between hope and circumstance. I’m glad our paths have crossed and I look forward to learning and sharing more with you in both ideas and laughter.


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  5. Hey Jenni!
    I love your manifesto- not (only) because it is a lovely piece you have created, but because I see that you actually are a manifestation of every word spelt out in here. I believe that you strive to become all of these things & that is the most beautiful aspects of it =)
    I believe in you *sounds a little off of what i mean LOL context wise*

    Love and Light =)


    • Awe! Miss HarSimran you make me smile : )
      What a lovely start to my day your message was : D
      I love how you acknowledge people and create them to be the amazing beings they are : D

      And thanks for bringing me back to this manifesto haha, I think it’s time for an update : P

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