Three lists about today

Things I am working to be more awesome at:

  • circulation in my limbs
  • listening
  • making friends on transit

Things I was excellent at today:

  • posture
  • spacial awareness (well.. almost… haha!)
  • growing a community of positive energy

Things I love about myself:

  • How my perspective on life and beauty is very similar to that guy in American Beauty who films the plastic bag dancing.
  • The way I am able to challenge myself to continue evolving and live differently with success
  • All of the silly lovely ideas I had today : )

10 Amazing Things at 10AM

It’s only 10:02AM but…

  1. waking up before the alarm goes off without assistance
  2. the power of the mind
  3. good conversations
  4. intentions! Seriously, when you put something out there, in your mind or verbally, that you want to cultivate in your life… IT HAPPENS! SOOOO COOL!
  5. Kiwi
  6. Washing machines
  7. Tea
  8. Plants and people who like plants.
  9. TED Talks
  10. Glitter

YAAAYYYYYY! Should be a good day.


Awesome Moments

  • Living on adrenaline and other chemicals instead of food for a few days
  • Dancing.
  • Dancing to SARA BAREILLES new album. String cover of “King of Anything” = win.
  • Pain from dancing.
  • When 20 minutes feels like 2 hours… Best. Massage. Ever.
  • Being the last ones awake and talking till you fall asleep
  • Forgetting who your friends are and where you fit in, and then remembering and feeling as if you never left : )
  • Waking up filled with creative inspiration from trippy dreams and night visions.
  • Youtube.
  • Pineapple.
  • How creepy would it be if I just sat and watched the kids across the street from my house having a garden hose fight and climbing a tree? They are so awesome!

Urban Dictionary Yourself

This is from the Urban Dictionary entry about my name. LOL. No joke.

1. Jenni 287 up55 down
The most awesomest person you’ll ever meet in your entire life! Jenni’s are awesomely awesome! There’s not enough words to describe them they are just WOWWW so awesome!
Woooowww… Jenni is soooo awesome!
2. Jenni 110 up65 down
A mixed drink made of Mountain Dew and Tequila, preferably Cuervo. Should Mountain Dew not be available, mix with Pineapple juice for a “Jenni 2”
I got so tanked last night at Brick. I had, like, 5 Jennis
3. Jenni 23 up9 down
This is the by far most amazing girl ever! She is so beautiful when i see her my heart drops :D i love when we make belly babies, and everything about her.. without her i would be miserable and i will always be there for her! I love this girl if you mess with her i will f*** you up :D
Jenni is the most amazing girl ever :D
4. jenni 2 up17 down
another name for Susanna Ward because Jenni is just susanna in disguise, for they are never in the same room at the same time
did you know that jenni was realy susanna ward in disguise
5. Jenni 109 up141 down
A Jenni is what you call it when your danceing at a rave, start makeing out with your friend and later realize it was actualy someone you’ve never met before.
Gilbert: So who were u just kissing on the dance floor?
Sally: What do u mean? I was kissing you..?
Gilbert: No. I left to go get water..
Sally: Crap! I pulled a jenni….
6. jenni 41 up140 down
when you have to pee but the bathrooom is occupied so you go in a mixing bowl.
my dad was droppin the kids off at the pool earlier when i was about to pee my pants so i pulled a jenni.

Feature: Michael Franti

I just discovered Michael Franti and boy have I been missing out!

I subscribe to the Gorilla Food newsletter and they recently linked to a video Michael Franti did for his youtube channel.

So who is this guy? According to Wikipedia: he is vegan, he doesn’t wear shoes (except for the occasional flip-flop when airports etc require footwear), his tours avoid bottled water, and his tour-bus runs on biodiesel. He even made a documentary film called “I Know I’m Not Alone” about the war in the middle east. I think his band “Michael Franti & Spearhead” is opening for John Mayer right now (why do I always jump on these bandwagons AFTER people come to town haha). This guy is a great example of awesome. He even has his own clothing line called “Stay Human“. You may have heard his single “Say Hey” without knowing who he is. He writes songs about all sorts of things, from social justice to compassion. Have a listen.

Sound of Sunshine