Present Technology: A Philosophical Conversation

i had an interesting thought that I thought you’d appreciate
consider that technology progresses with the intention of giving us more for less effort
for example a train that arrives faster, then a train that is faster still and doesn’t have to stop to pick up or drop off people (its in the works)…
then a transport system that carries masses without a train…
then people having no need to move to be elsewhere to get there…
so ultimately the pinnacle of technology is to just be
to be
– Mehdi Manavi
I am so glad this lovely thought was shared with me that I wanted to share it with the world. Perhaps, by extension, since we all have the power to choose how we perceive life, human are the ultimate technology. Or maybe it isn’t about technology, maybe it is about tools in general. Maybe, the mind is the greatest tool.
Yes, yes I think so.

Internet Find: “I Am”

Internet Find: “I Am”.

I Am is not only a film but a social experiment that took strangers in Philadelphia and asked them to finish this sentence. “I am ___.”

So what are you?  Ask yourself, “Who am I?”  And let us know!  Mission: SuperForesterers comment letting the world know, “I am blank.”  Go to it you grand SuperForesters you!

When I was first watching the video, my initial reaction was confusion. How can we define who we are? Aren’t we defined by other people? Can anyone really know what they really are? But then I quickly realized how silly that sounds. Just last weekend I did a self awareness workshop at school. It talked about how everyone is multi-dimensional, “we are all plaid!” and how to communicate with others despite differences. So clearly, we are not just one thing.

I think it comes down to that Eminem lyric, “I am whatever I say I am, if I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?” In posting this I stumbled upon his latest song called “Not Afraid”. I wouldn’t call myself a huge rap fan but there really is a lot of good rap music out there (for example). Music with a message.

“I’m not afraid

to take a stand


come take my hand

We’ll walk this road together

through the storm

Whatever weather,

cold or warm,

Just let you know that,

you’re not alone

Holla if you feel that

you’ve been down the same road…”

So for me, at this moment, I am my manifesto. I am smiling. I am sick, but I am not my sinus infection. I am blogging…

And most importantly, I am whatever I say I am : )

You are here.

One of the things on my manifesto is the statement “live LIVE” (spoken as live [the verb, to live] + live [state of being, to be live like a concert]). It was also one of my new year’s resolutions this year (basically to be more present and in the moment). I’ve really struggled with this concept throughout the past year. Sometimes I get too caught up observing and don’t actively participate in life. Sometimes (ie: on public transit) I feel my time is better spent reminiscing and remembering. It is important to look back sometimes (generally people who take time to reminisce are happier people [from Daniel Tammet’s book ” Embracing the Wide Sky”]), but if we get too caught up doing that we lose sight of opportunities available to us now.

I think the problem for me so far has been I didn’t have a clear enough idea of what I wanted to achieve. I really love “live LIVE” because it is something original that I created and it looks/sounds clever, however it is very ambiguous. My newest mantra came from the side of a bus. “You are here.” This phrase is a simple reminder to be where we are. You may want to be somewhere else, your mind may want to take off, but your body is still here. Even if your thinking has gone to a different place it is important to recognize where you actually are. You are here. You can be in multiple places at once (physical space and mental space for example, your body and your mind) but you can still know that “You are here”, wherever that may be.

So where are you?