Awesome Music: The Dudes

My excellent friend Carolyn just introduced me to this Canadian band called The Dudes. According to their MySpace…

The dudes are legit. They make rock songs that come from the most closely guarded vaults of the emotional banks. They sing about the triumph of good over no good. They trumpet the march of the working class lady. They tell stories of love gained and lost, knife fights, cops and kindness. The dudes want you to see them play live. They would like you to laugh and dance. After the show, they want to give you a high five. Scott will teach you a special handshake. Bob will ask you for your phone number.

Recommended songs:

You should also check out “Celebration of Kindness”

Poetry in Transit

Saw this on the skytrain tonight. I concur.

from What It Feels Like for a Girl

When you are thirteen

the world is a small room.

A bedroom.

A locker at school.

A box.

Gym socks, combination locks.

Four walls and a roof.

For every difficult problem: a proof.

– Jennica Harper