Hypnosis – My Cognitive Science Project


I took a cognitive science class this semester as an elective. It was taught by a professor from my major program (Interactive Arts + Technology) so instead of writing a final paper or exam I got to work on this. It was a really cool class that really opened my mind up. If you are curious…

cognitive science is the interdisciplinary scientific study of mind and its processes

– wikipedia

The course I took was called COGS 310: Consciousness. I wrote a bit about some of my insights and musings during the semester here and here.

Our project focuses on hypnosis, which is a form of brainwashing that shares some similar techniques to mind control and meditation. Our experimental video montage draws inspiration from the techniques of self-imposed hypnotism where the viewers perform hypnosis on themselves rather than having a manipulator to conduct the process. This

Ok, so I might have ripped of this amazing video a little bit…

But great artists steal, right? Though the visual style is similar we crafted our script on specific principals of hypnosis and we made all of the materials and the soundtrack from scratch.

Thoughts on Animal Consciousness: TRANSFORMATION > EVOLUTION

Nature / Animal / Monkey


How can we compare and rank creatures on a scale? Is one creature really any better than another? I think that we are all part of the whole. Just because I as a human can’t see the intelligence and consciousness of another species, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Maybe their consciousness is so far advanced or removed from my own experience that I will never begin to comprehend it.

Some researchers use “self-awareness tests” to determine if animals are consciousness. Many of these tests use mirror to detect if animals can recognize themselves. I think that these tests are highly flawed because of their lack of collective conscious analysis. Maybe our so-called “superior” sense of self is our biggest limitation. Perhaps our separation thinking and singularity is what restricts us from really evolving. Instead of looking at evolution and ranking various species and studying development, I think we should spend more time on transformation. Growing, not changing.

So are plants conscious? I mean, if they can impact human consciousness (by way or DMT or cannabis etc) surely they must have some experience of their own. Hmm…

Props to my COGS 310: Consciousness class for the good thinks : )


This is a room without a window. People tend to think that sunlight is not coming into the room when there is no window.

– Yoko Ono on Twitter

If plants could be conscious could LIGHT be conscious? or sound? Let’s take light. Maybe it is the highest form of consciousness, pure energy. Wow.