#IC25 silence sleeps tonight

#IC25 #invisiblechildren

Right now, I am being silent for Invisible Children’s campaign 25. One hour of silence for each of the 25 years of war Central Africa has endured. We can stop this.

As a fairly theatrical person I have observed that I use my body so much more when I cannot use my voice. My gestures, my grunts and laughter, they are all amplified. Silence amps up our other tools for communication. I am grateful for my body and my literacy right now. They are both helping me communicate. I am sad that not everyone has this luxury. That is why I am doing this I suppose.

I am also enjoying listening. Absorbing information from other people and relishing in these moments of thoughtful reflection I am privy to.

One world. One peace.

We are the change. See you in the morning world.

this would be a pretty song

an angry word,

the slam of a door,

a tear stained pillow,

glass on the floor..

…..  what happened to love?

hushed whispers,

then red eyes,

you run away,

and don’t apologize..

…..  what about love?

when you mean what you say,

sorry is a million miles away.

there’s a lie in that word,

but her feelings are hurt

so what are you gonna do?

when honesty’s cruel?

a pat on the back,

the call of a name,

gentle regret,

emerge from the flames..

…..  grow up, grow away..

and start a new day.