Jenni Bails @ Walk for Farm Animals

On Saturday I went downtown to participate in the Walk for Farm Animals sponsored by Sanctuary BC. It was a really awesome experience and I met a ton of positive vegan people. Yayy! Also, I got to dress up in a cow costume for the walk! I’ve worked as a mascot a few times and usually in the world of professional mascottery you have a “handler” who watches out for your safety and helps you. It can be scary to be in the suit because of limited vision (during my time as Captain Hook last summer I was attacked once… will never forget it). Anyways I didn’t have anyone to help me so when the walk started I was a little unsure. Right as we were leaving the starting location I WALKED INTO A POLE! IT WAS SOOOOO FUNNY! It didn’t hurt because the large cow nose protected me but it was HILARIOUS. I couldn’t stop laughing. What an incredible MOOOment x D

After that this incredible girl named Courtney held my hand and guided me through downtown. It was nice to not have to raise my voice chanting and explore using my body to communicate instead (I like to think I was the groovin’ cow). Some dudes even stopped me for a photo! I hope we raised awareness about what farm animals go through to create a kinder world : )

Oh and I did some volunteering at a youth fest in the afternoon. I got to hear a djembe cover of “Dear Maria” by All Time Low while eating a tofu dog. SO AWESOME : )

And then I went downtown to see Hanson play. Fun Stuff!

Keep on Rockin in the Free World!


From June 25th.

From June 25th.

Last Friday was a fun day. In the morning I went out to Langley to practice for a performance with my friend Sheamus. I got to his house alright (not a big fan of Langley busses, I once spent 2 HOURS going in circles because I didn’t feel like being vocal and just asking). Then we set out to meet our other friends to look for RENT costumes at the Burnaby Value Village. On the trip over we were singing songs we love in funny voices. Sheamus was doing Kermit and I was doing the Wicked Witch. SO FUNNY. We should make a video. Anyway, our friend Justin (and our other friend Kaylee) who isn’t in the show came to help us look for stuff. Justin found me these awesome vintage shoes (see above, I am West on the shoe compass). Chloe also found shoes (see south) and I got this cute dress for $15 (with the shoes). I don’t want to be someone who buys a dress to match shoes but here we are ahah.

Then we went to watch Sheamus and some other friends at their singing recital. What a lovely day : )