FoodSafe: A Vegan Adventure

Vegan Food - It's What Should Be For Dinner! mosaic~

I became FoodSafe Level 1 Certified! Yay! Here were some interesting things I got out of the course:
  • “Don’t come to work intoxicated.”
  • “Don’t throw knives.”
  •  I wonder how much the people in the Foodsafe video got paid. Are they actors or “real” people? Hmmmm.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Pigs and Fish are full of parasites like tapeworms and someone needs to remove them before people eat pigs or fish : (
  • (of bacteria on us) ”we are dirty, vile, creatures”
  • “cats are contaminated.”
  • “if in doubt, throw it out”
  • Anything from an animal is assumed to be contaminated.
  • I will never forget the image of cow flesh dripping blood on lettuce in a cooler : (
  • We had a bit of discussion about why would people want raw milk? (why would people want animals milk at all?)
  • I want an Ice Wand! Cool! Ice Wand! Yay!
  • Raw veggies cannot get bacteria! Cool! Just wash ’em (they are not listed as a potentially hazardous food).

Some of my questions were not answered…

Q. If all chickens are assumed to have Salmonella, do other birds have Salmonella? What about crows?

After some googling… I think not. But this book says that crows and seagulls (much like fish) have mercury in them

Q: How does food turn from an acid to alkaline in digestion (like lemons)?

“As I mentioned above, alkaline diet foods have an alkalizing effect on the body because they are rich in alkaline minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, and potassium. All of these minerals are very important, but potassium has the biggest effect on your internal pH.” via

Other sources with info:

At first I was thinking, wow most of this doesn’t affect me. But then I realized that is does. Even if I make the choice not to eat animals and animal products many other people still do – and they could contaminate me! Or the people I love (everyone)! Or themselves! Wow! I did realize how much simpler cooking vegan is in terms of preventing disease. Yay. I think haha. We are all so connected, I see it more and more deeply each day.

I also noticed that the course was not very inclusive in some ways. I didn’t like the way we referred to my friends the chickens as “food”. Much of the footage in the videos also featured dead animals flesh being prepared which I found very disturbing.

There were many of my questions that were answered though!

I learned about why people eat cow meat that is cooked on the outside but not the inside (medium rare) but not other animals prepared in a similar manner (ie: chicken). Apparently all chicken is assumed to have Salmonella. Cow is different. Larger risks of contamination mainly come from ground beef because when they cut the meat there is a chance they can accidentally cut the intestines and release feces (poop) into the meat. So ground beef and chicken must be cooked all the way through to at least 74 degrees Celsius for at least 15 seconds to kill any dangerous microbes.

I passed with 92%. Score!

Let me know if you need me to be your FoodSafe person!

OH and I also had another idea. The purpose of FoodSafe is to keep the public safe and healthy…. So what about another course called “EnviroSafe” meant to keep the environment safe and healthy? They could have standards and certifications for waste management and green living! I also thought of “SelfSafe” a program for keeping our minds and thoughts safe and healthy. Imagine that!


This past weekend I completed my Standard First Aid + CPR C training at SFU through the recreation program. I am working for SFU summer camps this summer and we are required to have this training. I met some really interesting people (and also some really good looking people haha, gotta love summer camps). I was surprised that I had actually been exposed to many situations that we covered. When we learned about the chest-sucking wound I immediately though about how my favourite high school teacher, Mr.Killawee saved a life using the plastic bag technique (taped on three sides it creates a seal). The course was pretty informal and fun. We had three groups for testing. One group would go outside while one group played the victims and the other acted as bystanders. In one scenario I came in as a first aider and nothing was wrong with anyone… then all the victims fainted on command. It was odd asking the people who looked fine if they needed first aid attention. I joked around, don’t first aiders always walk around asking everyone they see if they need medical attention : P (maybe you had to be there… hahaha).

Everything I learned inspired me to make this. It’s not perfect and I just did it for fun so bare through the mistakes and less-than jaw dropping performance.


A parody of The Fray by Jenni Rempel

Verse 1:

Step one you check for danger everywhere

Remove the danger, victim’s there

Find out if they want help from you

Then you ask what can I do

They might tell you mysteriously

Ask allergies, medications and history

for wounds ya clean and cover

prevents infections like no other


Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend

EMS took too long again

And I would have compressed your chest all night

Had I known how to save a life

Verse 2:

To treat for shock you calm them with your voice

Position of comfort is their choice

Warm them up if they are cold

Use a blanket you have stowed

Lay down a list of what is wrong

Watch breathing and pulse along

Odds are they will end up okay

And you’ll begin to wonder why you came


Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend

EMS took too long again

And I would have compressed your chest all night

Had I known how to save a life

Verse 3:

Someone unconscious isn’t a rest

Call 9-1-1 it’s for the best

pinch and shout into their ears

check for breathing: tongue in ear

give breath, readjust and try once more

two breaths, thirty compressions for

hook look to open airway

they need an open airway


Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend

EMS took too long again

And I would have compressed your chest all night

Had I known how to save a life