Meeting Craig Kielburger

On Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of attending a business event where I got to meet Craig Kielburger, the founder of Free the Children.

I have met some people that are really obsessed with Craig and despite how amazing he is, I am blessed to have stayed out of the “fangirl” zone. However, I was captivated by his interpersonal skills. Each time I have encountered him (mainly at We Day) I am captivated by his ability to connect with people and inspire them. Things like a smile, eye contact, a firm handshake (with elbow touching?), and using someone’s name really go a long way.

Hearing him speak really brought up many emotions for me. I was go grateful to have a reminder to BE THE CHANGE. Whenever I am motivated by someone I feel this funny feeling inside. I noticed it especially when watching inspirational videos. It is like someone has tied a string around my heart and is connecting it with the hearts of others. I kid you not, this is a very physical, embodied experience. I was almost in tears. I think that’s why I love film so much, you have the power to really affect people.

The event I attended was centered around Haiti and it was really interesting to reflect back on what happened a year ago. Had I forgotten? Do we ever really forget?

I’ll end with this. What motivates you? And what are you doing to make the world better? Think about that. Everyday.

PS: I wore my vegan Doc Martins. Yeah.