I AM (an ENFP Poem)

6. Intuition

Methodical, Questioning ENFP.

An Initiating, Expressive, Gregarious, Active, Enthusiastic Extrovert.

An Abstract, Imaginative, Conceptual, Theoretical and Original Intuitor.

A Logical-Empathetic, Compassionate, Questioning, Accepting, Tough-Tender Feeler.

A Casual, Open-Ended, Early-Starting-Pressure-Prompted, Spontaneous, Methodical Perciever.

…and a Jenni : )

Written by Jenni Rempel,

via Myers-Briggs Assessment.

NaNoWriPo #2: Sky-think


By Jenni Rempel

you may think a storm is brewing

but it could just be you that’s stewing.

even when the clouds are white

they will look grey without a light,

to shine beyond the surface of the sky…

to illuminate the drifters floating by…

for wether we weather the sea,

depends only on you and on me.

Spreading the love

I’ve done some creative projects in the past few weeks that I never got a chance to post about. I hope something here makes you smile!

After my Summer Camp Leader job ended we had all these binders that we wanted to leave for students to take. We put them outside of the student lounge and wrote little happy message on each one to encourage people to take them : )

For my student union we upcycled a bunch of cardboard boxed into this awesome display to promote FroshOne (Frosh is a two day event for first year university students to get to know each other and the university). We made a “Price is Right” style wheel and wrote nice things on the sides. I made a video so you could read the cool stuff : )



A Film

I made a film. It’s been a while.

“Working at a Movie and FX Summer Camp inspired me to make a short film in my yard. The idea for this has been buzzing in my brain since I first listened to the song. I filmed the project in about 10 minutes on a point and shoot digital camera and spent about two hours editing it in iMovie. It is called “The Plot” because it documents the “plot” of land around my home.

The song is To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. I do not own this music.”