Best Conversation Ever

Paulina: Do you wanna be a random creature of awesomeness?



Paulina: She can be the Asian one. She can be a dragon.


Paulina: You are a metaphor….

Paulina: Crazy shit going on.

Jenni: [Yeah] we all wear a sheet over ourselves… and pretend to be a dragon.

Paulina: I don’t think you can explain art. It’s more of an expression.

Wow. That last one was actually a pretty good quote. LOL! I heart university.

Eraserhead and the discussion of ART VS SHIT

Earlier this week I watched the David Lynch film Eraserhead for the first time. It’s pretty controversial, I know that lots of people find it highly disturbing and others think it’s a masterpiece. Personally, I wasn’t very disturbed by it but that said it was almost too ambiguous for me and some of the storytelling elements things weren’t clear the first time I saw it.

Watching this film led me to have some interesting dialogues surrounding “Art VS Shit”. By that I mean the opinion divide that most works of artistic expression face.

Is it art? Layered in symbolism, containing so much meaning and insight, complexity and messages that resonate with people.. Or is it shit? What were they thinking? This doesn’t make sense, it’s a pile of rubble and is completely random and arbitrary. There is no meaning. Whoever created this had no idea what they were doing.

I trust that you are familiar with the feelings I am trying to illustrate. I feel that part of this issue is personal opinion. Not everyone agrees. We all have unique preferences. That said though, there must be some line dividing the kid with the camcorder who uses windows movie maker and a painter who works for months on his great masterpiece. Right? There are some artists like Monet that were only appreciated after death. Maybe, in some works, it takes time for genius to become apparent. Maybe our inability to appreciate all things as art is the only thing in our way. I feel that art acts as a mirror for life and can show us something (either that we understand already or are unfamiliar with). We can learn something from everything, even the amature artist who “doesn’t know anything”.

This also makes me consider the divide between clarity and leaving things open to interpretation. Do we want the audience to work and make their own conclusions? Yes. However I also feel they need to understand what’s going on and sometimes ambiguity can add to a failure in that sense. For example, in a video project I made this semester, some people didn’t understand it the first time and had to watch it again. I took this as a lesson that the storytelling wasn’t clear enough, however, maybe the problem was that I had an idea in mind that I was trying to get them to understand, when really, as the film maker, I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT THE AUDIENCE THINKS/FEELS. Or maybe i’m just confusing directing theatre and that role with filmmaking. Hmmm.

Movie Theatre’s and Charlie St. Cloud

Yesterday was such an odd day for me. I had so many places I could have gone and people I could have been with but my body needed to rest and so I listened. I stayed home and did “nothing” (which for me equates to playing guitar, dancing, blogging, catching up on e-mail and blogs, handstands, and napping). The feeling reminded me of some archived i am being posts, sometimes saying “yes” to yourself is saying “no” to other people. I am so grateful I could reclaim that day to rest and recharge my batteries. Late at night my Mom invited me out to the movies. My plan was to watch one in the backyard but I ended up going out with her instead. We went to see Charlie St. Cloud, the new Zac Efron flick. As of late, every time I go to the movies I experience the same discomfort. The minute you walk into the theatre it is so loud. There are so many colours and screens and so much advertising everywhere. It is so much to process. It makes me appreciate reading books. All of this consumer culture in one place, it’s a bit frightening to be honest. No wonder i’m becoming a hermit, you can’t take me out to eat or to see a movie… what is a young person to do with me?

Once the movie stated though it was able to take me out of that for a while. The movie was good, it definitely drew me in and I was surprised a number of times along the way. I did think that Zac Efron (although sexy) looked too old to be a high school senior at the beginning. Also I found the pacing at the end a little funny, it felt like it should have either ended sooner or continued on. The movie asks us the question, will you move on to the future or stay in the past?

I think I’m going forward, for once, which is likely a very good thing : )

Also afterwards my Mom was like, “His eyes! You could drown in his eyes!” (of Zac Efron) which I found really funny : D


WHYYYYY do people spit?!?

I don’t get it. The only time I have any desire to do this is a) when i’m rinsing my mouth b) when i’m sick (in which case I do it into a sink or something) and c) when I taste something nasty. I don’t understand why people, usually men, have to do this. Do they not think about the people who may come in contact with their expulsion? Think about the people who will get this on their shoes, the disabled people who may touch it with their hands (for example if using a wheelchair), the animals that have to walk though it and the people that might not have shoes on. GROSS!

I guess I should explain why I am so pissed about this right now…

I was walking to school from my local library which I has just picked up “Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture” (more on this soon). An old Indian man was walking slightly in front of me and to my left. He turn his head back to spit and I guess he didn’t notice me because he sprayed my hand with his slobbery river. Luckily I was very close to school and was able to wash my hands soon after. I had a nice run-in with the cleaning lady and now have this entertaining story to tell but man, I don’t get it. Somehow, I don’t think this is something i’ll ever understand. *sigh*