Today’s Adventure

Dear Universe,

I have so much to write about and tell you! The weekend was full of adventures and learning for me and I can’t wait to share it all with you but first I must write about today.

I was able to bathe (for the first time since Friday, yay for roadtrips! haha) in the morning which was lovely. I went through my 87 e-mails and 180-something RSS items. I took a break to jump on the trampoline and dance to the new scene aesthetic song “Never Gonna Let This Go” (SOOO happy sounding/feeling and awesome). I wrote some posts which will be coming out this week (Justin, I am so sorry for the spam you are going to receive haha) and then I had to leave for class.

I went to get on my bicycle when I realized something was very different. While I was gone for the weekend my Mom bought a mirror, bell and light for my bike and attached them to surprise me. I was so grateful for what she was trying to do with this gesture but I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling it gave me and a minor panic attack set in. I’m currently reading “Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping” and this indulgence in consumerism on my behalf was very difficult for me. I tried to remember that “everything will be fine” and “I won’t worry my life away, the remedy” (thank you Mr.Mraz) which helped a little bit.

I had the workshop for my class at SFU and finished on time, we didn’t get through the bonus question but we did the mandatory ones. Then I booked it to RENT rehearsal in Port Coquitlam. I lost my U-Pass somewhere along the way but some friends I bumped into helped me look for in (unsuccessfully) which was very kind of them.

I didn’t do too much at rehearsal but I am slowing getting caught up (I have been away a lot) which is good. Also, seeing friends helped my panic attack a little. When I was running to catch the bus I started laughing (as I often do) at how silly I must look. Laughter has amazing healing properties as Laughter Yoga has taught me and it totally made my panic attack disappear! How wonderful : )

On the trip back I saw some good-looking people riding bicycles and one girl even had TOMS Shoes on! We had a moment and I gave her a thumbs up about it : D

When I got back to Surrey I saw someone from high school. We started talking and he asked me “what happened here?” pointing to my face. I tried to change the topic telling him I have bad skin (I was one of those people who had smooth, amazing, blemish free skin in high school and then finally hit puberty the summer after graduation and now has to deal with bad skin) but he continued “No, it’s really red… discoloured”. “Maybe I got sun burned” I reply, knowing full well it is my bad skin he is pointing at. As a white person, my skin turns red. It is what happens to white people. This is why I will never dye my hair an unnatural shade of red, to avoid bringing out the colour. So that whole thing was pretty funny in an embarrassing awkward hilarious sort of way x D

Another adventure. Thank you.



Back on the Bike!

Today I got back on the bike! After falling and bruising myself i’m up again! I realized I wasn’t going to make my bus and I needed to get to school for my course so the bicycle was my only option. [SIDENOTE: Speaking of which, I think the bicycle needs a name. Suggestions?] I rode very cautiously and avoided the hill that led to my demise last time. I had some trouble finding the right are of the secure bike lockup that SFU Surrey offers. When I finally did get in there I realized I had no idea how to chain my bike up properly so I hastily tried to copy the bike next to mine. After class I had rehearsal and by the time I was back in Surrey it was 9:30PM and dark out. Since I had a black jacket on and have yet to find headlights I rode mostly on the sidewalks. It was very wet out. I really like the noise it makes when it rains though, and I found it to be quite cleansing for me.

I’m looking forward to my future as a bicycle commuter. I can’t wait to be one of those skinny active people who have the freedom to travel wherever, whenever. I mean workouts, spandex, getting to ring a bell… What’s not to love? Perhaps i’ll be able to give it a good rep and a new image less dorky image… who am I kidding haha x D

Also, while I was out I saw several other cyclists and had an amazing discovery. This is an awesome way to meet people! All of the bicycle commuters I know are vegetarian and they all care about the environment. This could be a great way to make friends and meet like-minded individuals. Futurehusband anyone? hehe.

See you on the road peeps.