I Love Dancing!


According to the SFU Active Living Info page…

It’s hard to find time to get out and get active! Luckily, activity doesn’t need to occur in long, structured sessions – and it doesn’t need to occur at the gym! Similar positive health benefits are possible by accumulating 30 to 60 minutes of activity in short bouts throughout the day. With the ‘ultimate goal’ being 10,000 steps a day, have a look at how some of the activities we do in our day-to-day lives contribute to this goal!

Here are some examples of how you can ‘fit it in’:

  • Housework. 45 minutes of housework is equivalent to 3,366 steps.
  • Climbing stairs. 10 minutes of stair climbing is equivalent to 1,200 steps.
  • Wii. 20 minutes of moderate Wii intensity is equal to 1,250 steps.
  • Dancing. 60 minutes of dancing is equal to 7,194 steps.
  • Yoga. 40 minutes of yoga is equal to 2499 steps.

Well I am currently taking a dance course at school so I have been stepping up a storm if that is true!

Often I stay after class just to use the studio, it’s so nice to have a space to dance!

I have found this to be a really great way to learn more about eating for energy (yay fruit and smoothies!) and for taking care of my body (ie stretching). I have also discovered some other hobbies as a result of dancing – like swimming. Dancing is awesome : )

Swing Time Santa

Vegan Prom YVR 2011

Photo booth at Vegan Prom YVR

Last weekend I attended the very first ever VEGAN PROM at this cool venue called Wise Hall near Commercial Drive (actually I was near there last night and there were two people dressed as TREES walking around… THAT PLACE IS SO COOL!). I was the photobooth photographer and my lovely veggie friend Kyla help me out with that. It was a great chance to play with “studio-esque” lighting (though the lights were super bright for the space… it was so dark i’m not sure of any possible solutions except having a separate room for photos or a better divider). It was also so nice to meet so many other vegan people. There were even some vegan parents there! Love!

The whole thing was absolutely lovely : )

It was also a really great opportunity to promote my freelance services CREATIVE for CHANGE and my Facebook Page : )

IAT 443: Laban Notation Notes

Dance (1)

Laban Notation:

Pressing: Direct, Sustained, Strong

Flicking: Flexible Sudden, Light,

Wringing: Flexible Sustained, Strong

Dabbing: Direct, Sudden, Light

Slashing: Flexible, Sudden, Strong

Gliding: Direct Sustained, Light

thrusting: direct, sudden, strong

floating: flexible, sustained, light

(posx2 – posx1)2 – (posy2 – posx1)2 = motion2

An Evening of Rhythm and Breath

Are you awake?

Last night I attended this really awesome fundraiser! It was called “A Night of Rhythm and Breath” and we participated in an African dance workshop followed by some transformational breathing. The event was raising money for Alzheimer’s research and our friend Allan O’Meara, who I met through the Vancouver Hug Squad. Allan is leaving in September to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for the cause (SIDENOTE: this reminded me a little bit of Greg Mortenson’s story which you can read about in his book “Three Cups of Tea“, I don’t really enjoy mountain climbing stories so I thought the first half was very boring but if you like that sort of thing i’m sure you’ll enjoy it).

Jacky Essombe is from Cameroon and she led a very fun dance segment. They had a bunch of people there doing African drumming and we got to dance to their rhythms. It was really cool to watch them drumming, the way they all stayed in sync (it must be through magic I have concluded). The one dude briefly mentioned “community drumming circles” which I hope to find out more about in the future. I always find it interesting when I dance that the moves most people have trouble with come easily for me while other things that people take to easily are a challenge. It was really nice to just be free to move and enjoy the music and the space. Check out Jacky’s website: http://www.jackyessombe.com/

The second part of the night was a transformational breathing session led by Dale Joyal. Before we started they kind of warned us about how intense it can be. I half expected to work through all these deep emotional issues and come out a different person. I think this experience really showed me how little I have to worry about and how blessed I have been in life. I don’t really know why I expected to work through deep emotional issues because to tell the truth I don’t think I have any right now. I have accepted things that have happened to me in the past and most of them have since become non-issues anyway. I think it’s one of those things where at the time something feels like the end of the world. To quote 17 Again, “When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not; it’s just the beginning.” (SIDENOTE: This movie is HILARIOUS, i’ve seen it 5 times but my goal is to get to 17 so if you ever wanna watch it just lemme know). I can’t describe the actual process of transformational breathing too much because I think you need to experience it to really understand. I felt very relaxed after… and cold… but i’m always cold haha. I fully encourage and support alternative health remedies like this. Dale described it to us as “oxygen therapy” at one point. I think it would be especially beneficial for singers, as breath support and breathing are they keys to an amazing voice.

2010 Silent Skytrain Dance Party

What can I say, I am a lover of flash-mobs. It all started last August when I found out about the Zombie Walk via Facebook. I went with my friend Alison and had a really fun time. On Saturday a local group called Vancouver Improv Anywhere hosted the 2010 Silent Skytrain Dance Party and it was super fun time. We met at the VAG and for a while everyone was doing that awkward “I wonder who else is here for the flashmob” thing, but then they pulled out the megaphone and we were off.

To start things off (and later to finish things) they had everyone do a congo line from one platform to the other.

Then we would board a train, do out thing for 4 stops and get off to wait for the next train. It was really entertaining to see people’s reactions. Some people got really pissed off, I remember this one guy started yelling when we got off the train, saying how now he could enjoy his ride in peace. Lots of people whipped out their video cameras and stuff. I considered asking one guy if he was just gonna stare or join us : P

I also met a slew of really cool people. It seems like lots of people that are into musical theatre also like flash-mobs haha! At one point I asked people what music they were dancing too and I met a bunch of Panic! at the Disco fans! I also found out that a bunch of my fellow partiers had been to a bunch of the same concerts as me. I’m always so glad to meet other awesome people!

The guy who hosted it filmed a bunch of stuff so i’ll post that video once it is online, this was taken by another dude. You can see me (3rd in the congo line) at the beginning of the video : P

Overall it was a super awesome experience. After it ended I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw people plugged into their headphones, I kept picturing them dancing : P

Next time i’ll remember not to wear so many layers, phewf! It was a true Vancouver workout.